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Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Have a New Green Light

  I am writing this very personal thread in hopes that some can benefit from my experience. As many of you are aware, as men age, their prostate keeps growing. CNN  After a while it begins to shut down the waterworks. I suffered
from that.

But recently a new young surgeon, Dr. Anthony M. Schlake came to Boone and informed me that I had gone as far as medication could take me. So, he performed a new procedure called Green Light Laser PVP (Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate). It has changed my life.

The method consists of using a laser to vaporize a new passageway through the prostate.

Let me tell you how my life has changed. The first thing I told my doctor at the six weeks checkout is "Now I can pee with the big boys." He thought that was hilarious. Over the years as the prostate starts cutting off the flow, one of the most humiliating events happens in public rest rooms. If anyone walks up to a urinal beside you, you shut down. That is now history.

No longer do I go to meetings, spend time finding where all the restrooms are and hoping I won’t have to get up in the middle of someone’s speech. No more problems on airplanes–having to step over people in the theater and even missing part of the show. Also, I can now take anti-histamines for my allergies, something I could not do for years. Also, because the bladder is emptying, toxins are released from the body. When I reported all this and other things to my surgeon he responded with: "You have made my day." He made mine too

You get the picture. Anyway, if you struggle with BPH, struggle no longer.

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Sarkazein said...

American medical ingenuity. Obama and the TV lawyers are trying to put an end to it. One on purpose the other because of Leftist financial greed (looters).

It is amazing how things you pretty much don't even think about or notice most of your life can change your lifestyle when they go wrong.

Funny cover picture by the way.