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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Obama's Nose in the Tent


    Responding to an earlier post a reader keeps asking:   "Is it the Conservative view citizens with severe demential (sic) should have easy access to weapons and have no restrictions about being armed?" 

So, even though the writer sounds like our demented troll, I have to answer his challenge.

Everyone should know the old Arabian proverb: "If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow." Obama is that camel. Unfortunately, those of us who are protecting our liberties, have to smack him in the nose each time we see it poking in, otherwise he’s soon all the way in.

Besides our awareness that Obama will try any subterfuge to take away our guns, lets look at his latest target. Who are his demented?

One of the jobs I had in my career was to go into nursing homes and test the level of dementia for Medicare. I tested a lot of lovely people. There were those whose children put them there to get hold of dad’s finances before he wiped out the family fortune. Mama was there because she kept leaving burners on, nearly burning down the house.

My best friend from college lives in an assisted living home with his wife. He is a victim of Alzheimers so severe he does not remember me nor anything we did together in school. I call him up from time to time, trying to jog his memory, but he just hands the phone to his wife. His past is gone, but he is functioning in the present.

So my first point is, who decides if someone is so demented they can’t defend themselves with a weapon?

We certainly can’t trust the government. They would have an agenda just as do the offsprings who declare their elderly demented for good reasons and bad.

Often when government gets a problematical law into its hands, they then stretch it to suit them. What would stop them from next saying, "Well because we really are unable to predict danger, let’s just declare that all the elderly who reach a certain age probably have some dementia."

The whole camel is in the tent and bringing his children with him.


Sarkazein said...

Exactly right Blogger. The problem is, here, the demented troll will not remember your post and will ask the same question again later. Which is a sign by the way.

Anonymous said...

Blogger thanks for explaining this. I can now see how conservatives feel their second amendment rights could be threatened by their personal behavior and comments to social media that could draw attention to their sanity.

"Pew found that gun ownership is concentrated among older adults, rural residents, and whites, especially white Southerners. Whites in the South are more likely to own guns than whites in other regions."

The death of 17,000 children per year in America is a small price for gun nuts to feel empowered.

Nobody said...

Anonymous said, "The death of 17,000 children per year in America is a small price for gun nuts to feel empowered."

I'm surprised no one else took issue with this. First of all, the death of any child is a tragedy and not to be summarily dismissed. It's probably why no one wanted to deal with your falsehood -- one can easily be drawn into a "one child dead is one too many" argument. But your number is wrong. You've exaggerated tremendously -- 17,000 children do not die each year. An article from and anti-gun website,

"A News21 investigation of child and youth deaths in America between 2002 and 2012 found that at least 28,000 children and teens 19-years-old and younger were killed with guns."

So your number is WAY off - more like 2545 a year -- and the study includes 18 and 19 year olds -- 18 and 19 generally being considered legally an adult.

Some other quotes of interest:

"Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 made up over two-thirds of all youth gun deaths in America....Most of those killed by firearms, 62 percent, were murdered and the majority of victims were black children and teens. Suicides resulted in 25 percent of the firearm deaths of young people: The majority of them were white. More than 1,100 children and teens were killed by a gun that accidentally discharged."

Why so many murders and suicides? Why are so many of the victims black? Most of those black murder victims are victims of other blacks. Don't black lives matter when they are snuffed out by other blacks?

The question is more a question of culture. What has changed in the last several decades. I'm sure a lot of posters here can attest to some of the things I'm about to say -- my dad says that when he went to high school here in the county, it was common to see gun racks and guns in the back windows of trucks. When I went to school, we had a hunter safety unit in PE with loaded shotguns and clay targets (yes! fired on campus). Guns were everywhere, and most people were trained in their safe handling and respect for life. The country has become immoral. A little Christianity here would go a long way, but instead, we have abortion doctors casually talking about selling baby body parts for money. The family structure has collapsed. Over 70% of black babies are born to single mothers and raised in single parent households, and over 30% of ALL children are raised in single parent households. If you're not so biased as to actually consider, do a little research on how much better off children are when raised by both biological parents. Best yet, a full family unit raised in a Christian manner, with morality, strict standards on right and wrong, discipline, self-sacrifice. But no, now, we teach that, if you get pregnant and don't want it, kill it; a mother or father is optional; people should make decisions FIRST in regards to their own selfish happiness; if you want it, you deserve it -- those rich people have whatever they want (envy). When we devalue life and morality and worship self gratification, the result is the culture we now see. So don't blame the inanimate gun (or the inanimate confederate flag, or any other inanimate object), blame liberalism.

I do not actually expect a logical response, as logic escapes the irrationally emotional liberal mind. I'm sure the response, if any, will be an emotional appeal.

Sarkazein said...

Nobody- Anonymouse will skim your comment. He will only hear a dial tone as his inner voice. At the end of his skimming he will still "think" as he did when he incorrectly stated the stats.
Some Leftists politicians do call 18- 19 year olds children when sighting gun deaths.

Sarkazein said...

Nobody- To clarify my comment- Some Leftists politicians do call armed gang-bangers and drug slingers who are age 18-19 "children".

Anonymous said...


No one really know what the actual number of children killed each year in America because the NRA has bought of the politicians to prevent the CDC from tracking such information. We do know it's shamefully and totally unnecessarily high for no reason other than to empower the audience of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh groupies filled with anger, fear and hate.
We are debating a totally different culture of gun owners today from my youth of hunting shot guns and ground hog rifles. The weapons currently being hyped by gun nuts and the extremist NRA are for efficiently killing fellow humane beings. Studies show owners of multiple weapons and stock piles of ammo have serious anger management problems and may also have issues with mental health and stable social interaction.

Wolf's Head said...


F*** you gun grabbers.

Come and take them.

I'm tired of your crap.

Blogger said...

Sark You were right about the troll's response. Nothing to do with the content of the post. Now we have an argument about guns and nothing about Obama sneakiness and the elderly. He won again.

Anonymous said...

Wolf's Head makes my point of the correlation between aging, angry, white, conservatives and their use of guns as empowerment and self esteem. Thank you Wolf for demonstrating the point I was trying to make.

Wolf's Head said...

Gee you're welcome. It's not like you could make a point all by your itty bitty self anyways.

So tell us, what is your life without any self esteem at all like?

Tell us how disarming all those old people or single mothers or college coeds makes you feel so much better.

Pretty pathetic when the only thing that will help libs feel better is making everyone else more helpless than they are.

I suppose chopping up babies for the liberal good helps lefties good, maybe chopping up old white people will make them feel even better.

guy faulkes said...

The Wolf was not kind in his induction of terror in the Nonymounse. I am not speaking of the gun issue but of the suggestion hat the mouse take personal responsibility.