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Thursday, July 30, 2015

With Republicans in Power, Now is the Time to Consider Homeschooling

   I am writing on homeschooling because while homeschooling-friendly-Republicans control the state, now is the time for all conservatives to
get behind the movement as well as considering it for their own children. In 1985-86, the first year homeschooling was
legal in North Carolina, 809 students were educated at home. This year the number of students enrolled in homeschools in the state topped 100,000 and growing.   Carolina Journal
  All four of my grandchildren were homeschooled. The proof they received a superior
education came when they began to apply to high schools and later to universities.

Three of them were accepted into a prestigious private school. In addition they were given scholarships covering 50% of their tuition. The fourth grandchild’s mother took him all the way through high school.

They were offered scholarships by many colleges. Three of them obtained full four year scholarships. One is now half way through graduate school with a full tuition fellowship.

The youngest who just finished high school, immediately obtained a summer job at Chick fil A.

All of them excelled in sports. They were all involved in many organizations including, University Ambassador, Yearbook Staff, Theater, French Club, The International Club and above all, the Republican Party. And they held down many paid campus jobs and were all honor students.

In a 2007 survey by the Department of Education, 88% of home-schooling parents said that their local public schools were unsafe, drug-ridden or unwholesome in some way. Some 73% complained of shoddy academic standards. And 83% said they wanted to instill religious or moral values in their children. Our grandchildren were homeschooled for all those reasons. Obviously we are proud of our children and grandchildren. The Economist


Johnny Rico said...

Good post. Socialists see home schooling as a threat to the oppressive paradigm they continually push. Perhaps due to the fact socialists (Liberal POV, PLOP!, Anonymous Coward, Ismael-ovent, and others) indoctrinate children at a young age to be sheep, the concept of home schooling is viewed as a threat. Home schooled children generally are more free thinking, grounded citizens who will actually contribute to society unlike their liberal, common core counterparts (Liberal POV, PLOP!, Anonymouse Coward, Ismael-ovent etc) who grow up to suck off said productive citizens.

Ishmael said...

Point to ONE post that proves I am a "socialist." I am a conservative, have been my entire life and will always be. I have challenged you to answer two questions repeatedly:

Did you LIE when you stated that DEMOCRAT Dennis Kucinich is a Republican on this blog in a discussion about illegal aliens? (ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Where did you comment on gay marriage on this blog? You claimed to have done so but I have not found anything substantive by you (and I have browsed the blog archive and found nothing -- prove it is there and that I just couldn't find it or admit you've never taken an ACTUAL stand). Why are you avoiding this?

Just because I see you for what you truly are -- a troll and someone who is hurting the conservative movement -- and because, as a conservative I am willing to call you out on it, you have decided that I am a socialist? Is that the best you've got? Name-calling? "Oh, Ishmael caught me in a couple of lies, I'd better call him a "socialist" repeatedly so everyone will forget my lies." THAT, sir, is a liberal tactic.

I will continue to post here when I feel like it, but I will no longer respond to you. I am a conservative -- my strong stand on gay marriage against Happily Married and the threat it represents to religious liberty proves that conclusively (also, the fact that I oppose illegal immigration and own guns and can probably out shoot you ANYDAY - the only two issues you seem to care about, we agree on). No amount of name-calling by pathetic clown of a troll such as you can change that. It will be unendingly amusing to me to watch you seeth for the next couple of days through rants at me that I will no longer respond to. Prediction -- you will eventually claim that I have "fled" as you have done before. It will not be true. I will not spend my time defending the truth about my political stance to a raving clown who apparently has nothing better to do on a weekend but sit around and insult people he does not know.

Have a great weekend! I'm headed to the beach!

LOL!!! I won...stings don't it, you poor, poor, pathetic clown!

The TRUE conservative, Ishmael (don't forget the H in your future posts, idiot). LOL!!!

J said...

Tsk, tsk tsk my liberal friend. Didn't you happen to say something that people don't "need" machine guns? That statement alone, especially the word "need", highlighted you as a liberal socialist sheep long ago. You don't determine what I or any other person in this once great nation "needs." I don't proclaim what you "need", or don't "need." None of my business. Ishmael-ovent, you are no conservative my friend. Ever since my psycho-analysis, you have been absent; until today. That one stung because I pointed out the truth to you. You seemed to improve, as your silence indicated, but you seemed to have slipped back into the groove of mediocrity (liberalism). Read my past post again and snap out of it. We're here to help.

Johnny Rico said...

Looks like the anti-Home schooling liberal has fled the field. LOL!!!!!

Blogger said...

JR, Yes did you see how fast they all changed the subject away from home schooling to gun control. I may move all those comments to the Vent Page when I get time.