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Saturday, August 8, 2015

How Use Dreams to Avoid Stress

  All my life I have been using my dreams to guide me. I even published a book on dreams (now out of print).

However, over a number of months I have had a recurring dream that I just could not decipher until today. In my dream I am back in college taking courses that I cannot pass. Night after night I would wake up with anxiety hanging on. However, each dream ended with me asking myself "What in the hell am I doing back taking exams? I have my doctorate."

To decipher ones dreams, two approaches serve. First, you need to identify what the dream is trying to reveal to you about the source of your anxiety. From experience, I knew that when my dreams want to tell me I am under stress, they make the point by taking me back to college where I was most stressed. So I ask, "What in my waking life could possibly be so stressful?" (Stress is a killer you know.)

Secondly, I have learned that the key to deciphering the solution is often found in the denouement. So the dream says "You could walk away because you have already have your doctorate."

What can I walk away from that is impossible and besides  have already accomplished?

Often when you are working on a dream, your dream maker continues to help with additional dreamlike material. The image I got was the Chinese youth standing in front of the tanks. It was noble, but it wasn’t going to stop those tanks. I realized that boy was me and my little blog standing in front of an oncoming juggernaut. (That’s stressful.)

So what are the tanks? At least three ideas arose in my mind.

The first tank is that this last election was the first time the takers learned they can vote largess for themselves. Worse, those who exploit this for power have made themselves appear the good guys and the producers, the bad guys.

The Bible tells us there was coming a day when evil will be called good, and good evil. Folks, we are here.

 The second tank represents those, who in order to gain power, are allowing millions of people from underperforming cultures to overrun us. Then they invented political correctness so we can’t mention it. Now we are the bad guys.

The third trigger is that Islam is on its way to impose the deadening values of Shariah law upon the whole world. But again, using the doctrine of political correctness, we are shamed for even sounding the alarm.

I am from the WW II generation. We are dying off daily by the thousands. Most of us realize that though we have lived in the best of times in the best country in the world, those who follow us won’t. But it will be of their own doing. So, we helplessly watch as they destroy all that we held dear and tried to maintain.

Back to my dream. As already said the solution to a stress dream is often found in the denouement, often just before you wake up. In my dream’s case, I was released when I told myself I had already accomplished what I set out to do. I can stop now.

So, I reviewed my life for accomplishments that might release me. I signed up at age 17 and served in WWII. I spent my life at a low salary helping young people and I have a folder full of letters of appreciation. I set up a government program to train teachers in the Appalachians. I served in the Peace Corps. I established and served in many organizations advocating for the Mentally Ill. I have donated money to good causes.

Anyway, bottom line is I think I have earned the right to drop out of class. Because if those we are leaving it to, can make good into evil and evil into good, I know now I can’t stop them. I’ll not give up the blog. But I will face reality. It’s too late to save this country and I don’t want to kill myself with stress. Whew! What a relief!

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