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Monday, August 24, 2015

Is Tillis Betraying Us?

Tillis getting low Conservative Ratings


Wolf's Head said...

What an effing surprise.

Johnny Rico said...

Am I hearing this? Pinch myself. Do again. Blogger, it is very, very surprising you put a post on Tillis like this. A few short months ago, you wouldn't let me post anything impugning RINO Tillis. Perhaps establishment Republicans are waking up a bit.

Thom Tillis is a socialist liberal. We knew this long before he was elected to the Senate. No difference between him and Kaye Hagen except he has more desire for power and re-election. Thom Tillis sided with the liberal socialist NC Sheriff's Association to prevent legislation that would ban socialist sheriffs from continuing the un-Constitutional pistol permit process. Thom Tillis refused to present pro-gun legislation because it didn't "poll well." The fact Jeb Bush and Romney supported his campaign is proof enough that Tillis is a RINO liberal.

But we have to put up with the dolt for another 5 1/2 years unless enough establishment Republicans get on the wagon and recall the dolt. A recall is the only option to get rid of this country destroying liberal. Wanna guess how he stands on immigration and background checks? You guessed it - the same way Kay Hagen stood on those issues.

Elections have consequences. Johnny Rico tried to tell you, but few listened. Once again, I'm right. Time has proven me right time and again. I've been wrong on nothing. Recall or bust.


Blogger said...

JR and Wolfe, I thought you guys would like this opportunity to say "we told you so." But JR, I never blocked you. If you were blocked it had to be way back there when New Guy was helping me. But it was not me. As far as I know, the only person I blocked was the troll and that was after many years of letting him screw with the blog.

Blogger said...

But guys don't forget that Obama only needs six Democrat Senator lemmings to protect his veto of his Armageddon Iran deal. Tillis is a vote against this disastrous deal. So look on the bright side.

Face to the hill! said...

Johnny Rico said, "Wanna guess how he (Tillis) stands on immigration and background checks? You guessed it - the same way Kay Hagen stood on those issues."


“As Speaker of the North Carolina House, Thom Tillis wrote legislation that weakened the state's mandatory E-Verify law, making it easier for businesses to hire illegal-alien labor. He also allowed for the consideration of a bill that would grant driver's licenses to illegal aliens who received deferred action through Pres. Obama's DACA program.” - NumbersUSA


Wolf's Head said...

Keep grasping for crumbs Blogger.

It's all the repubs will give you.

Johnny Rico said...

Blogger, we don't revel in being right on this particular issue. The sad fact is, we've gone beyond the point of no return, and Tillis is complicit in sending us down the road to third world status all in the name of attaining power. Tillis is unable to exercise something conservatives hold dear - personal responsibility. Neither do most Republicans. Richard Burr is another RINO who will sell you out in a second. The infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade brought Burr's liberal tendencies to light when he brought the National Park Service to the bargaining table while excluding local sportsmen and women. Government for the government by the government. Many of us saw the writing on the wall back in 2005/2006. A decade later the masses are beginning to see it as well. Tillis is a political hack who will do ANYTHING the establishment tells him to. If they told him to sit down to take a piss, like I do, he would do it. Unthinking, zombie politicians like Tillis are a threat to the republic.

You mentioned Iran and nukes. The Republicans won't save us from the Iranian nuke deal that traitor, communist, Muslim loving obummer is pushing through. Only Israel can save us from eventual nuclear war.

Back to Tillis. A recall election would shake things up. Daily, we see more RINOs turning into conservatives which would present problems to liberal Tillis. Even if the recall failed, it would help weaken the establishment and usher in a third party. We won't see another Republiturd President - the Tillis' of the world have assured us of that. Guy Faulks, Wolf's Head, Bushrod Gentry, and USS Rodger Young told folks that time and again. Will the Republicans make the same mistake this time around? Yes. This site should lead the effort on recalling Thom Tillis who is a liberal socialist enjoying cake paid for by the taxpayer.

Johnny Rico said...

The only thing I do revel in is pointing out that liberal socialist sheep POV (PLOP!) is a hypocritical, mentally insane fool. It's not hard to do, but keeping that idiot on the run is certainly fun when it's not boring. LOL.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico