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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Richest Person in North Carolina

Richest Person in Each State


Johnny Rico said...

Good for Mr. Goodnight. Another self made man. Sure to be hated and defiled by liberal socialists unable to exercise the golden principle of personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

James Goodnight is a Democrat whose company, SAS, is described as "Utopian" in it's work culture.

Johnny Rico said...

Ahhh, so it's ok for a Democrat to be a billionaire? The liberal socialist double standard is alive and well.

Sarkazein said...

He is safeguarding those billions. Once Bernie Sanders is President, he will divide it equally amongst the unwashed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pov, you are wrong once again.

Johnny Rico said...

Did liberal socialist pov (PLOP!) say something? Must have something very prescient, well thought out, and well written. LOL!!! Notice how the liberals stay quiet when talking about a Democrat Billionaire. If it were Ed Koch, then hell and high water couldn't shut them up. Typical liberal hypocrites.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico