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Saturday, August 15, 2015

What No One Wants to Admit About Race Relations

  Jason L. Riley an African American columnist wrote in the WSJ regarding the dashed hopes that Americans believed would come from electing an African American president.

"As president, he has repeatedly
—and often prematurely—taken sides in local police matters involving black suspects.

He has supported college-admissions policies that favor black applicants over their white and Asian peers. He has dispatched his attorney general to accuse advocates of voter ID laws of trying to disenfranchise blacks and Hispanics. He has pressured wealthy suburbs to change zoning laws and build low-income housing so that he can shoehorn minorities into neighborhoods where they otherwise can’t afford to live. He has leaned on local school districts to discipline students differently based on their race and ethnicity rather than solely on their misbehavior. He has appeared before activists at the NAACP to denounce the criminal-justice system as racially skewed.

When Mr. Obama first ran for president, he went to such lengths to distance himself from professional agitators such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. . . .

These days, Mr. Obama has the reverend on speed dial. Mr. Sharpton is a frequent White House visitor and the president’s point man on civil-rights issues. Given that the president is keeping company with someone who monetizes racial conflict for a living, is it any wonder that so many people believe race relations have regressed?"

A growing percentage of Americans, White and Black, believe race relations have gotten worse under Obama.


Sarkazein said...

One of the Ferguson chants last week was the call for a race war by Blacks. I'd say Obama totally screwed the pooch. It all boils down to the election of an unqualified agitator who didn't have much trouble hiding his true self from an awe struck MSM.


Sarkazein said...

HERE is Obama's legacy

Wait 'til they find out war has an R on the end of it.