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Friday, September 25, 2015

Dick Morris on Bye Bye Boehner


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His leadership has consisted of acting as an intermediary in the ongoing surrender negotiations of the conservatives we elected to Congress.

Boehner’s style consisted of advocating a conservative policy, putting it to a vote in the House, passing it, and waiting for the Senate to defeat it. Then, instead of negotiating with the president for half a loaf or working to build common cause with some Democrats for a partial solution, he just caved in and went home.

He never understood that capitulation was not a strategy.


USS Rodger Young said...

Good riddance to this piece of garbage. Needs to happen to 92% of the rest of the RINOs. The damage has already been done though. There was little difference between Boehner and a liberal Democrat.


Anonymous said...


The problem with the angry Tea Party Mob is it is just that a mob, that doesn't know how to govern. The Tea Party mob doesn't even know the what the root problems are much less how to fix them. What are their goals? The GOP base/Tea Party Mob just knows they are angry and someone needs to suffer, they care if the people who do the suffering are the same people causing the problems as long as they get to inflict pain on someone even if it's their own family.
Being informed is not a Tea Party thing.
Most Tea Partiers have no clue as to what they want government leaders to do.
Don't expect the next Speaker of the House to be any different because it's not the Speaker it's the angry mob that has highjacked the GOP which is the problem.

Sarkazein said...

I liked Boehner, but he is not a war Speaker. He was trying to keep his thumb in the dike. Now it's time to beat the snot out of the Democrats as an answer to their Marxist Socialist revolution of late.
When the head of the DNC states her opponent to be a NAZI sympathizer because he is visiting a man who has Hitler stuff in his vast historical collection, this makes all Americans who ever visited the Smithsonian NAZI sympathizers. Or the Holocaust Museum for that matter.
It is passed time to beat these people down no matter the MSM.
Look at pictures of the Democrat supported Occupy Wall Street riots, then compare them to TEA Party gatherings supported by many Conservatives.

USS Rodger Young said...

The problem with angry collectivist liberal sheep is that they are a communist mob who THINKS they know how to govern (by decree). The collectivist liberal sheep mob makes problems (Laws) as part of their governance system and then more problems (highest incarceration rate in world) as they try to fix their own problems. Their goals are enslavement and dependence. The collectivist mob feels they know what is best for others, even if they means others suffer, including the collectivists own families. Independent thought is not a collectivist liberal sheep thing. Most collectivist liberal sheep are dependent on government leaders and follow them over the cliff, like lemmings, every time. Don't expect them to change because as long as they use other people's energy, money, and vitality to keep the masses oppressed, they have not reason to change.

stings don't it

Your ole pal


USS Rodger Young said...

Although this was already posted on another thread, it exemplifies my above post and now liberals shamelessly exercise hypocrisy. This is well, well worth reading:

Democratus Rex said...

Don't you have a zombie apocalypse to prepare for?

USS Rodger Young said...

Dumocrapus Perplexed,

Like a typical liberal socialist, you resort to one line quips when confronted with a difficult question or issue. Again, did you find any information on Doomsday Preppers - specifically what happened to season 5, re-runs, and why it suddenly disappeared from the net. Simple question my liberal socialist of a friend. LOL!! Stings don't it.

Your ole pal


USS Rodger Young said...

I see the liberal are running away from the National Review article posted above. This post has been vacated by liberal sheep. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Liberals can clearly state their objective and goals which are below.

World class public schools
Affordable or free higher education for well informed and trained citizens so no life is wasted and all contribute to society, which includes paying taxes for the next generation's opportunity.

Conserve our planet's resources of air, water and forest.

Protect and defend human rights

Justice for all

Well regulated free market economy with strong unions to represent wage earning worker in the market place.

Immigration reform to give a path to citizenship for current undocumented residents but also to end the status quo of the last four decades on uncontrolled immigration.

Prison reform, police reform, court reform.

Restrict weapons to non military weapons for, hunting, home and farm protection only allowed in the hands of SANE, non criminal citizens.

Do any Conservative want to clearly state a similar mission statement?

USS Rodger Young said...

Liberal have failed in their pseudo ambitions:
World Class Public Schools - the U.S. continues to fall behind all other developed countries in education. Thanks to common core, Dept. of Education, (which siphons funds from where they should really to - the states), and a curriculum that puts gay "acceptance" over reading, writing and rithmatic. Bzzzz, wrong answer!!!

Conserve air, water and forest. Look locally and see how that's going. Liberal Boone Town council wants more and more are, water (especially water) and air. Liberals moving into their "slice of heaven" in Watauga County have destroyed more water, air and forests than the native conservatives who lived and co-existed peacefully with the environment since just before the Revolutionary War. Oh and Solyndra. Bzzzz, wrong answer.

Protect and Defend Human Rights. What are "Human Rights"? Are you referring to "pre- existing or God - given rights". If so (and I doubt it), then why the rush to disarm America citizens from owning guns to defend themselves? Self defense is a "human right". Did you protect the human rights of the Ferguson Police Officer, Richard Zimmerman in Florida, or black man McDonald during the McDonald vs Chicago 2nd Amendment Rights case? You confuse human rights with govt. intervention. BZZZZZZZ! wrong answer.

Free market economy and unions categorically exclude each other. Can't have a free market economy with a union or it no longer becomes a free market as the union, like all liberals, wants something for nothing. Besides, unions are unable to protect most trades from the ravages of illegal aliens who lower the living wage across all sectors. BZZZZZZZZZ, wrong answer!!!

Amnesty for law breaking criminals (they are not "residents" as you conclude) is a cornerstone of liberal thought, not a solution to the current problem of criminals filling our jails, schools, hospitals, welfare lines, and, now, getting scholarships to colleges ahead of American citizens that pay into the system. Show me one initiative, just one, in which a liberal socialist sheep politician is intent on ending the "status quo" of illegal immigration (not uncontrolled). That's what I thought, there aren't any. A lie told by you to try and take the edge of the absolutely unbelieveable garbage you're spewing.

Prison reform? WTF. Liberal socialist sheep (you) are intent on making law, then backing up those laws with 100,000 new cops on the street. Then you wonder why we are a prison nation. A free market, with little government interference, will do this better than prison reform (whatever that is). Liberals build the prisons and then pass laws to fill them. BZZZZZZZ!! Wrong answer.

Restrict weapons for hunting and home defense. The 2nd Amendment says nothing about hunting. As much as liberal sheep don't want to admit it, our 2nd Amendmnet is about a balance of power. A society armed as well as the military will never be threatened by the oppressive type of government that liberal sheep (you) are intent on delivering. BZZZZZZZZ, wrong answer.!!!!

As we can see, the liberal narrative is rife with restrictions, oppression, collectivism and somehow knowing what's best for others. Conservatives by stark contrast, with the rule of law to pertain to Constitutional principals giving us a weak centralized government, the ultimate in personal liberty, and individual responsibility. It's a scary concept for a Nonymouse Coward to be faced with personal responsibility and free thinking, but without a communist regime to back them up, they will have no choice. LOL!!!! Stings don't it.

USS Rodger Young said...

Oh and Nonymous Coward, did you want to address the National Review Article I posted above? It should fit nicely with your "World Class Public Schools" comment. LOL!! Hypocrisy. I won.

Anonymous said...

Other Liberal Crazy Ideas

Liberals have a strong belief in freedom of religion, but not just our own personal beliefs or that of the Liberal Baptist Church, not even Christianity but ALL religions or none at all.

Liberals believe in representative government which is not controlled be special interest and the billionaire class. We believe political districts should not be gerrymanders so 40% of the voters get to pick the political representative for 100% of the population state wide.

Why are conservatives threatened by a civilized, just, well educated society?

Anonymous said...

Thank you USS Rodger Young for participating.

The Golden Rule and Universal Health care are two more things Liberals strongly believe in for a civilized society.

Liberals are much bigger on ideas as a political tool rather than the use of fear.

It should go without saying political corruption is in no one's interest liberal or conservative. Fear, patriotism and demagoguery are often red flag of such political figures.

USS Rodger Young said...

Nonymouse coward,

I see you dodged the National Review article. Typical for a liberal obsessed with hearing itself talk. LOL!!

Liberals have a strong belief in freedom of religion? Is this why Tim Tebow is so ostracized by liberals, the liberal press, and the liberal NFL? What is it about Tim Tebow talking about the one and only savior Jesus Christ that threatens you sheep so much? BZZZZZZZZ, wrong answer!!!!!!!!!

Liberals don't believe in the billionaire class? WTF? George Soros and Warren Buffet anyone? Funny how liberal sheep (you) claim to detest rich folks, yet liberals support the Clintons and Hussein obummer, all of which have become enormously rich beyond belief. Yet not a peep from the haters of the rich. Hypocrisy squared. BZZZZZZZZZZZ, wrong answer!!!!!!!

Why are liberal socialist sheep (you) threatened by personal responsibility, liberty, and the Constitution?

Universal Health care - of course liberal collectivists support obummercare, it represents the ultimate in government intervention into the personal lives of Americans. It represents tax increases too which is always supported by liberal sheep (you) too lazy to do for themselves. BZZZZZZ, wrong answer!!!!!!

Liberals are much bigger on ideas? You mean ideas like militarization of the police, enacting of a slew of laws that supports the corporate-like prison system, and Solyndra. Liberals track record is excellent - not. BZZZZZZZZZ, wrong answer!!

Patriotism is a red flag? Patriotism is what allows you to spew the usual dribble, spit on returning soldiers during Vietnam (how many did you spit on?), and kill 6000 US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan via figting a war based on political correctness. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz, wrong answer!!!!!!

May the chains rest lightly.........

Your ole pal


USS Rodger Young said...

As usual, I'm able to answer the same old tired musings of a collectivist. Yet the collectivist is unable to comment on a simple, albeit inconvenient article in the National Review. Some things never change. I won.

Anonymous said...

USS Rodger Young thank you again for your response.

Debating liberals is easier if you get to write your own script as to what liberals believe.

Liberals don't hate the billionaire class, they just don't think any of them should control the American political process and they should pay for the ports, pay for educating their work force, highways, courts and infrastructure that mays their wealth possible in the form of taxes greater tax rate than the middle class, not less. The billionaire class owes the society their wealth was derived from a payback to the next generation's opportunity. I do strongly agree with the ACA (Obamacare ).
I see we're in agreement on the militarization of the police and maybe for profit prison being a bad idea.

USS Rodger Young said...

Nonymouse coward - you mean debilitating liberal sheep (you) is easier when you ask them questions they cannot possibly answer given their fractured and faulty belief system.

If what you say about billionaires is correct, then why no disparaging treatment of George Soros or Warren Buffet? They seem to be heros to the bloodsuckers (liberals). Yet conservative billionaires are somehow more in control of the political process? Again, your petty insinuations are hypocritical.

Of course you agree with obummercare - collectivists intent on cradle to grave welfare purchased by other's money always want this. It's called the welfare class, and you get to be a charter member.

Yes, we are in agreement that obummer militarized the police. In all fairness, the RiNO liberal sheep (no difference from Democrats) did the same thing. When obummer signed the continuation of the Patriot Act into law, it showed the precious little difference between Retuglicans and Dumbocraps.

Again, you did not address the article in National Review detailing the outrage of white, "privileged" parents not wanting their white kids to mix with black kids at school in NYC.

USS Rodger Young said...

Nonymouse coward. Ball's in your court.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous USS Rodger Young

"If what you say about billionaires is correct, then why no disparaging treatment of George Soros or Warren Buffet? "

Good question, for one Mr Buffet, Mr Soros, Mr. gates and the late Mr. Jobs are all self made billionaires, they didn't inherit their wealth like the Koch Brothers or Art Pope. Second they support a free and open society of professional journalism, they support funding the next generation with world class education, open non corrupt government, clean air, water and fair taxation. They support a healthy society. They understand and support humanity, and do not fund hate mongering media, bigotry, or religious intolerance. They support freedom and liberty for all.

USS Rodger Young said...

Nonymouse Coward,

Like a typical liberal socialist sheep, you resort to revisionist history to lie you way into the losing side of an argument. Saying Warrant Buffet is a self made man is, of course, wrong. Buffet's dad was a four term Congressman. His dad also owned a brokering firm. So no, Buffet did not do it himself, he was backed by papa Buffet, the Congressman, from day one. Funny how liberal sheep leave this part out of the Buffet history. Also, Buffet was a WALL STREET BROKER - you know one of the evil deed-doers highlighted by the Occupy Wall Street freaks. So your hero is a Wall Street Stockbroker now? Like the integration-opposed parents in NYC, you're a hypocrite. You go on to say that inheriting mony somehow makes someone "less." What about the two partners who own Westglow Spa over in Blowing Rock. Those two billionaires inherited their fortune. What do you say about those two partners that host Hillary every so often? They are somehow "less" too, right? This ought to be interesting.

Also, you again failed to address the National Review article highlighting hypocrites such as yourself that believe integration into inner city black schools is for other people's kids, and not theirs.

Someone is coming out on the short end of the argument (again) and will probably be gone by tonight. Stings don't it.

Democratus Rex said...

How's that Doomsday Prepper investigation going?

Anonymous said...

USS Rodger Young

I don't think any liberal is opposed to people becoming rich or ever supper rich but what they are do oppose is using that wealth and the political power their wealth can purchase to suppress those with less rather or get favorable government deals and taxation at the expense of working wage earning citizens.
I do think one of the best time to tax is at the death of the individual as America should not be a country of oligarch dynasties regardless of their political views.

USS Rodger Young said...

Who are you to say whether or not a billionaire should use his/her funds for? God complex my liberal sheep of a dolt? Maybe I think Soros uses his wealth to "purchase to suppress those with less than favorable govt. deals." Working wage citizens have been hurt by Buffet as he doesn't produce anything. He invests in stocks that give no jobs to working wage citizens.

You like the death tax unless it is you being taxed, right? You believe YOUR children should have to pay a tax on the house and money you've spent a lifetime of paying taxes on? WTF? As with most liberal socialist sheep, it's always the "other person" who should pay the death tax, not me. Hypocrisy squared.

Since you're worried so much about working wage CITIZENS, then what do you say about non-citizens (Illegal aliens) who wreck the working wage for working Americans? You support those criminals (illegal aliens) as they lower the living wage of Americans don't you?

You have some anwering to do my liberal friend. Keep defending the "good" billionaires while vilifying the "bad" ones who do nothing than support a candidate you disagree with. Amazing. I won.

USS Rodger Young said...

Democrapus Perplexed,

Still finding it difficult to find anything on Doomsday Preppers aren't you. LOL!!! You walked into that trap with eyes wide open. Typical for a liberal though.

USS Rodger Young said...

Any liberals want to comment on the National Review article showing white liberals in NYC mad over their white, privileged children integrating in with Blacks? Why do you dolts keep dodging commentary on this article. I bet you all read it and gasped at its significance (and hypocrisy). Stings don't it.

USS Rodger Young said...

Again, any liberals want to comment on the National Review article showing white liberals in NYC being mad over their white, privledged youth integrating with blacks. Forced integration nonetheless. Why does nonymouse coward, PLOP!, POV broken record and Dumbocrapus Perplexed keep dodging this truly rewarding event taking place in NYC? LOL!!! Liberals seem to be getting pretty scarce on this blog.

Anonymous said...

USS Rodger Young, you are good. I enjoy your comments. As to the NY parents hypocrisy, I remember very well back in the '60's etc, when southern states' schools were forced to integrate, yet Yankee Boston, Mass, of all places, had de facto segregation in their school system. 'Typical Yankee hypocrisy and oppression upon the South that dates back two centuries.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the US Congress with angry Tea Party Mob congressional member with that same chip on their shoulder, the same logic skills, and the same knowledge level as USS Rodger Young. These people don't know how to govern, don't expect you opportunities to improve with people like Blogger, USS Rodger Young, Ms Foxx, Mr Soucek or Mr Jordan as your representative.

Anonymous said...


Do any of the conservatives know what they are for, rather than what they are against?

Do you know the human cost in suffering, job loss, bankruptcy of small businesses, towns and even cities if the Tea Party were to actually take control of the American government?

Knowledge is not a bad thing when making major decisions.