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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Electorate

"I am in touch with people all over the country, a high percentage of which are high-impact people. This is by no means a scientific poll, but with almost everyone I know there is a deep and growing resentment of the Republican Party. There may be a dislike of what the Democratic Party has done to the nation, but there is a belief that the
Republicans have betrayed them, and that is worse.

The Republicans promised to defund Obamacare if they were given a majority in the House. We were also assured they would hold Obama accountable for a multitude of transgressions from Fast and Furious, to the IRS, to Benghazi. They did nothing. Then they promised to get all of this done and much more if Republicans were also given the Senate. Again, they did nothing, and the anger in the grassroots is growing. The Republican Party is facing strike three and may not survive another failure."

The above was written Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, a ministry I financially support. I hope Rick will forgive me for quoting it verbatim, but it nailed the problem too well to let it go by.  Oak Initiative


Sarkazein said...

GuyFaulkes, JR, and Wolf'sHead were ahead of the curve on this one.

Sarkazein said...

This is what primaries are for. If the "outsiders" stay at the top of the polls, the 'insider" moderates at the RNC will be bounced along with the current leadership in the House and Senate.

Wolf's Head said...

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me for frigging' DECADES, then I'm a moron.

Lew Hendricks said...

This is one outsider that falls into what Wolf's Head is saying.

Time to hold all of them accountable. Time to stand up regardless of the political consequences.


Anonymous said...


I know conservatives are cheering raw unregulated Capitalism and demonizing anything remotely resembling socialism.

Here's what been happening as Republicans controlled by corporate lobbyist ALEC have taken control of state governments and the US Congress. I know all of you missed this as you were busy fighting the war on Christmas and hating President Obama, non fundamentalist Christians, brown worker, union worker, public school teacher and most of all Liberals.

Here's a story of a simple drug on the market for 62 years selling for $13.50 per pill, after a venture Capitalist bought the drug company the price was increased by 5,500% to $750 per pill. This is just another redistribution of wealth from working Americans to the very wealthiest Americans.

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, have you ever head of Obamacare and the resulting increase in the cost of health care?

The Republican party has been dying since it started being liberal lite. It has been evident for years.

Anonymous said...


According to the CBO repealing Obamacare would cost taxpayer $137 billion and also deprive 15 million Americans affordable healthcare.

If the NC GOP expanded Medicaid here in NC 5 billion federal tax dollars would return to the NC economy, creating jobs, opportunity, lower insurance cost for wage earning NC citizens and help small NC healthcare facilities like small rural hospitals.

Obamacare works!

Reader said...

I still like Cruz. He fights for our liberties. He hasn't waivered in his beliefs... that I can tell. I like Ben Carson also. Carly, I'm not sure about yet. Trump knows how to make money. His gains over shadows his losses. I thought we had a chance taking the house and senate. I keep giving them chance after chance...what a dope!

USS Rodger Young said...

Lets go back a decade to the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade that saw RINO Virginia Foxx support a corrupt Town Council over local sportswomen and men. She personally invited the Blowing Rock Town Manager to testify in front of congress on the pressing, pressing need for the land trade. Foxx's aide notified interested local sportswomen and men of the Congressional testimony at 5 pm the day before the Blowing Rock Town Manager was set to testify - far too late for a local sportswoman or man to testify. The land deal sailed through the House and on to the Senate. Enter RINO Richard Burr. Burr took oral testimony from the National Park Service, refusing to receive testimony from local sportspersons. The trade sailed through the Senate. To add injury to insult, the Town of Blowing Rock bought 190 acres in question and DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHERE THE LAND WAS. Furthermore, the land sat somewhere in front of a prominent town councilperson's massive viewscape in the ritzy Mayview Section of Blowing Rock. To date the resevoir land they traded for has not seen the pressing, pressing improvements they mentioned to Foxx and Congress. Local sportswomen and men have 190 acres less to hunt, trap, and shoot on. Oh and the High County Press, under editor Kathleen M. refused to print any stories not favorable to the Blowing Rock Land Trade and Virginia Foxx.

Yes, we saw this coming a decade ago and screamed as loudly on this, and many other sites, as possible. Establishment RINOs wrote us off as crazy or miscreants. The damage caused by RINOs is no longer so easily hidden. There is no difference between a RINO and a liberal Democrat. Both stand for a large, intrusive centralized government, less freedom and liberty, and the subjugation of our country to the ravages of criminals (illegal aliens). How could you not see what was happening. I'm ashamed I didn't see it with Nixon and Reagan now that I look back on it. The first Bush sort of piqued our interest when the coward liberal smuck quit the NRA, turning his yellow back on gun owners. What a dolt. Right now it seems Ted Cruz is the only one halfway towing the conservative mark. But he's a politician and should never be trusted. In fact, if he's voted in office, he should be voted out in 4 years just to teach him that being a lying, slimy politician is not something to be valued.

USS Rodger Young said...

Now that folks are waking up to the great lie - it worth mentioning that we're beyond the point of no return. We were circling the drain 40 years ago. We're so far down that drain now, you'll never see a return to the America you knew. Watch as the criminals (illegal aliens) YOU let enter the country subjugate YOU to their cultures, values, and beliefs (remember, they came from socialist countries). Watch as the maze of local, state, and federal laws become so onerous that you're forced to move into massive, massive public housing projects to simply "comply". The 2nd Amendment will save you? Not a chance. They could come and take them all this very minute, and you wouldn't lift a finger - we're too apathetic these days to do much more than watch the Kardashians. The Constitution you might refer to as a stopgap. No again, just a scrap of paper written by racist slaveholders - ahh the joys of revisionist history. You're done in all directions. As your country begins watching soccer on TV to the exclusion of NFL, will you then realize it was due to your apathy? Probably not, but don't worry as those of us that saw this coming will enjoy pointing out inconvenient truths to apathetic Americans as we sit on the front steps of the large, inner city housing project we will be living in.

Face to the hill! said...

USS Rodger Young couldn't be more correct when he writes, "Watch as the criminals (illegal aliens) YOU let enter the country subjugate YOU to their cultures, values, and beliefs (remember, they came from socialist countries).

"Another Cynical Democratic "Citizenship USA" Voter Drive":

"The dysfunctional DHS can't control our borders. It has failed to prevent massive fraud in our asylum, student visa, visitor visa, business visa, tech worker visa and immigrant investor green card programs. And the department is overwhelmed with paperwork from 10 million applicants for Obama's executive amnesty waivers. But when it comes to signing up new potential Democratic voters in droves, the feckless feds run a NASCAR-ready well-oiled machine.

Suicidal Republicans who continue to hand over the open-borders keys to their hit-and-run opponents reap what they sow." - Michelle Malkin


Anonymous said...

You can't fool Tea Party Conservatives