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Friday, September 4, 2015

Is the Pope Monkeying in Our Politics?

A "significant portion" of the approximately 25,000 tickets for the first outdoor public Mass by Pope Francis — the Sept. 23 canonization of an 18th-century Spanish missionary — will be reserved for Latinos. That’s in addition to the pope’s address in front of Independence Hall on immigration to an audience expected to be made up mainly of Latinos.

Spanish is his native language, so if he has to speak in Spanish because he is more comfortable, that is one thing. However, if he is doing his regular schtick of screwing around in our politics, he needs to stay in Rome and get back to the church’s real business. Someone needs to remind the Pope that this is America "We speak English here."


Sarkazein said...

Maybe he is going to announce in Spanish that Vatican City will now take in all immigrants. The Swiss Guard has been dismissed, the gates unlocked.. .Mi casa es tu casa.

Anonymous said...

As you said, it makes sense for the Pope to speak in Spanish because it's his native language. No doubt there will be interpreters and translators for English, maybe for some other languages too. The whole thing is pretty unremarkable unless you want to bring politics into it to make a statement.

Cyclops said...

He should have no problem being understood here. Marxist ideology means the same in English or Spanish.

Cyclops said...

Anon 6:39: " Was Marx Cathoiic?' is irrelevant to contemporary political debates. The relevant question today--- Is the Pope a Marxist?