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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Just a Religious Mountain Hillbilly

 Responding to comments on a previous  thread regarding people I had used to illustrate Kohlberg’s highest Stage of Moral Development, commenter Sark observed: ". . .Kim Davis is the first to stand up against judicial tyranny in this matter. Rosa stood up against a bus driver and a beat cop, while Kim Davis stood up against a Federal Judge." (Sark thanks for nailing the point.  I expected a stupid response from the troll. I did not expect one from HM who can be astute at times.)
The post was on Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development. Two illustrations were given of individuals who demonstrated the highest stage which is taking a moral stand at great personal cost. Kim Davis did that marching to her higher drummer. Justice Roberts had warned that Christians should brace themselves for persecution which he realized the Court had unleashed. Mrs. Davis just happened to be the first to publically respond. There will now probably be others.  Movements often start with someone in stage 6 of Kohlberg's stages.

Note that everyone on TV, and including commenters on this blog, have avoided   Huckabee's  reasoned Constitutional argument in his support of this little Appalachian Mountain lady. I don’t know whether they can’t understand him or they just don’t want to.

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