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Monday, September 28, 2015

Left Replaced Liberal With Progressive. Time to Change Again

 One of our readers with the pseudonym of HM wrote that he was proud of the new name the left has now taken for themselves–"progressives." He challenged us to look it up. Of course, we know what progressive means and the arrogance involved is more galling than is liberal.

The following is excerpted from the The American Thinker by Carl C. Fenn.  writes:

"There's a certain level of hubris that inevitably comes along with calling oneself progressive. After all, if yours is the path of progress, what does that make every other way? "Backwards."

The intellectual arrogance is a veritable black plague that has infected nearly every place of higher education in the Western world (as well as on this blog).

Instead of approaching the world and its mysteries with the kind of humble spirit that caused Isaac Newton to declare, "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants," many leftists seem to think that progressive ideology alone will lift them higher than any supposed giant from the past. (All the emphases in this post are mine to drive home things relevant to this blog.)

Questions that have plagued humanity for thousands of years are easily answered by the progressive mind set. For liberals, the way forward is straight and the gate is narrow and if you'd only listen to them, all your questions could be answered. (What’s so maddening when I have to read the comments on this blog.)

Don't conservatives claim that theirs is the only way as well? Aren't all of those crazy, right wing religious people just as intellectually arrogant as the leftists? That may be. But they don't claim to be dispassionate, intellectual gods who are passing down objective decrees from the Olympus. (My emphasis because I have to call people on this over and over.) On top of that, conservative ideology stresses the frailties and weaknesses of man. (On the blog, we are constantly berated for being negative about people. We face that humans are not perfect. Only God is.)

The danger of intellectual arrogance (whether of the conservative or progressive variety) is clear: it leads to eventual failure and keeps the offender in ignorance. (My emphasis to point out how we have learned on this blog that our "progressives" are totally unable to see or to admit their programs have failed all over the world. Nor can they admit how damaging they have been to people’s moral integrity.)

So what's the cure? Humility, and a large dose of it. If we're ever going to have an intelligent debate in this nation again, we're going to have to get humble. We must recognize when we're wrong and be willing to change course. We must also recognize when we're right and be willing to stand up for our principles regardless of the opposition we may face. But, whether we rethink things or remain constant, we must do either in humility.


Anonymous said...


""The liberals were always right in the end." According to Clooney, from the Salem witch trials right down to the civil rights movement, progressives have been leading the charge Forward while conservatives have merely been an impediment, holding back so much potential progress." George Clooney

I found nothing in the long winded conservative article that proved this statement wrong. The Tea Party slogan is "We want to take our country back" Back to Jim Crow"? Back to back ally abortions? Back to the Robber Barons era? Back to child labor days? Back to pre Social Security and Medicare? Back to pre Obamacare?

Sarkazein said...

If quoting George Clooney doesn't stop you from debating the dolt, then nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Sark's comment above shows Conservative cult thinking. Only those purified and blessed as conservatives are allowed input to political conversations. No information, facts or data can penetrate the conservative information bubble except conservative propaganda. This is a cult with a political ideology, much like Nazi fascism or Soviet Era Communism.
Example of this is the boycotting of Pope Francis address to congress by conservative law makers and Supreme Court Justices.
George Clooney is a bright, well informed man but in Sark's mind he's a Liberal and nothing he has to say could be of importance to the political discussion. Sark's argument is not to counter what was said but who said it.

Sarkazein said...

Houston's upcoming municipal election has two "Progressive" propositions. At first, the mayor issued by fiat these two "Progressive" ideas against the will of the people. She even tried to have preachers who spoke against it sermons subpoenaed . She got her ass handed to her in court. Progressivism.

Progressive idea # 1- Allow men in women's restrooms and boys in the girl's locker room.

So "Progressive" is this, it takes us back to pre-outhouse days when people would just look for a comfy spot clear of the cave or house, preferably under a pine scented tree.

Progressive idea #2- Teach TEACH homosexuality to school children.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure this is the extreme spin put on the transgender human rights issue by reactionary fundamentalist.

Transgender rights don't have to scare you or threaten your family.

Sarkazein said...

With "Progressivism", no matter how bad it fails, as is obvious in our inner cities and our national debt, it is because we needed to do more of it, not because we did too much of it. It follows that there is never "enough" money, no matter the amount... so it is a "funding problem". Hence the National Debt.

Communism didn't work because it was the wrong people running it. We "Progressives" know how to run Communism the right way, if only we had our chance. - The Progressive

Sarkazein said...

Even though the the terms socialism and progressivism were not coined until the mid-eighteen hundreds and later, the Progressives here want to take credit for roads, police, courts, schools as if we had none until they came along.

Anonymous said...


Do a reality check, where is this insane rhetoric of Communism coming from?

Socialism ( Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, Medicare, Public Schools, Interstate highways, bridges, ports, FEMA, Coast Guard, NASA, Fire Departments, Land Grant Universities, Libraries) is not Communism.

Anonymous said...


The world has always had Liberals and Conservatives throughout history and in every culture.
Sometimes the reformers become conservatives once they are the ones with the health and power.

For the most part the liberals are the visionaries, the knowledge seekers, the reformers and the conservatives are the ones satisfied with the status quo, the ones in power, with the wealth and often the stick.

Wolf's Head said...

"Progressive" is just another word for Elitist.

Difference between a "progressive" and a Conservative?

A Conservative believes you have the right and obligation to live your life as you see fit, bounded by the equal rights of others.

A progressive believes THEY have the right and obligation to control how you live you life, within whatever "rights", that is privileges, they allow you to have.

A turd by any other name still smells the same.

Anonymous said...


"A Conservative believes you have the right and obligation to live your life as you see fit, bounded by the equal rights of others."

I like your conservative mission statement but that not today's Conservative public policy position, consider the following.

Current Conservative laws on being poor, cannabis, woman's right to choose, LBGT marriage, immigration, incarceration and torture.

Anonymous said...


Today's conservatism is about authoritarianism, cronyism and greed. Human rights, personal liberty and the word freedom are only for slogan not to be practiced by individuals. Here's a reminder of what those "small government" GOP puppets in Raleigh are doing.

Legislature moves to take away local government authority

Wolf's Head said...

As usual, lefty anon is confusing what the gov't does with Conservatism.

Raleigh or Washington is about as conservative as anon's left ear.

Anonymous said...

"Current Conservative laws on being poor,"

What?!? Which 'laws' are you referring to?

Idiot. I am actually glad you continue to post here so everyone can see and laugh at the "intellectualism" of liberalism!

Anonymous said...


"You won’t be arrested for shopping in a Dollar Store, but if you are truly, deeply, in-the-streets poor, you’re well advised not to engage in any of the biological necessities of life — like sitting, sleeping, lying down or loitering. "

"WASHINGTON -- Since the Great Recession, many American cities have sought to eradicate homelessness not so much by giving people shelter, but by making it illegal to be homeless.

Citywide bans on things that homeless people need to do to survive are on the rise, according to a new report by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty. Key findings from the center's survey of 187 U.S. cities show that since 2011:

Citywide bans on camping in public have increased by 60 percent.
Citywide bans on begging have increased by 25 percent.
Citywide bans on loitering, loafing, and vagrancy have increased by 35 percent.
Citywide bans on sitting or lying down in particular public places have increased by 43 percent.
Bans on sleeping in vehicles have increased by 119 percent."

Anonymous said...


Now for what your Conservative NC GOP are doing from Jeff Jackson

"Here's what's happening right now in the General Assembly:
It's the last day of session for the year. (We'll stay past midnight to take some votes "tomorrow," but today is basically it.)
Bills are flying everywhere. One bill, SB 279, emerged from a conference committee this morning with a number of brand new sections no one had seen before. One section prohibits cities and counties from passing local ordinances that address employment non-discrimination.
That means if a city wants to exceed the state or federal standards for employment non-discrimination (for instance, by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation), it can't.
The motive for this bill is the new ordinance in Wake County that does exactly that, as well as a similar ordinance that almost passed in Charlotte earlier this year. This bill is our punishment.
Those ordinances are the target of this bill - but the bill goes much farther. It sweeps away *all* ordinances related to employment discrimination, including a host of protections passed in 1968 and 1972 related to race and gender.
It also eliminates ordinances that require minimum standards for rental housing, like running water and heat. Not sure what the argument for that is.
Keep in mind - all of this is happening on the last day with zero notice. Mayors from across the state are calling and asking what's going on. We've been told this will be the largest repeal of local ordinances in the state's history."

Wolf's Head said...


You do know most big cities are controlled by democrats.

"Now for what your Conservative NC GOP are doing from Jeff Jackson"

AS USUAL you paid no attention to the posting at 4:34PM. I assume this is just more troll baiting by anther ignoramus.

Yes, name calling, but calling it like it is.

Democratus Rex said...

".. baiting by anther ignoramus. "

What is "anther ignoramus"?

Wolf's Head said...

Sorry about that. I'm using my kindle and it's not very good for typing.

Should have read" another ignoramus."

Spell check isn't so great on this thing either. It has a very limited vocabulary.