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Friday, September 11, 2015

Obama's Deal--Democrats' Albatross

  Obama’s got his Iranian deal.  The Sept 14 The Weekly Standard tells us how he did it.  The issue was never about whether Iran can be trusted but how Obama could get Iran to trust him. 

He started from his first day to convince the regime he could deliver.  First,
he began writing Khomeini.  He apologized to him for America.  He backed him against the Iranian people in the streets.  He promised he would not touch his ally Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. He ordered air strikes against Assad’s enemies.  He leaked secret Israeli operations against Iran.   He even had our warplanes supporting the Iranian Guard. 

He disregarded our traditional allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel.  He boxed in members of his own party like Mendez and Schumer, accusing them of being beholden to donors.  He created the false choice of his way or war.  He let the Iranians know war was never on the table.  He wouldn’t hurt them.

In our history was there ever such a deal supported totally by only one political party?  Was there ever such a deal that only 25% of Americans supported? 

O. K. The deal now belongs to the Democrats.  Like with Obamacare, they go into the elections with this albatross around their necks.  One betrayal by the Iranians and Dems are toast.

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