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Monday, September 14, 2015

Republican Establishment, Wake Up And Smell the Trump Roses

  Just came off of listening to Trump for an hour. It has been a long time, if ever, that I could listen to a candidate that long. For years I have heard people asking the question, "Why do we only have politician-types run for president. Why can’t we have a highly accomplished person outside of politics run?" And typically the answer is
"They don’t want to put themselves through all that gutter-mud-slinging mess. They don’t need it.

Well, now in the person of Donald Trump, we finally have that person who is not intimidated. He is even having fun, and he is offering incredible skills to us. But, instead of feeling blessed, the establishment wrings their hands. "Oh, he can never win. He is going to wreck our party!"

The Republican establishment needs to wake up and look around at what is going on and understand what a gift he is.


Lew Hendricks said...

He is definitely tapping into a lot of American's frustration with government. As a veteran I have a hard time with his comments about John McCain.

I am running for NC House and I am not an established politician either. I look forward to your blog entries and will chime in with my two cents from time to time.

Thanks for creating a place that allows for a respectful exchange of ideas.

My website is:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hendricks, Are you running as a Republican? Is the comment in the Watauga Democrat really from you? If so, could you help me to understand your position on this?

L HendricksPosts: 1
Ashe County commissioners voted to be taken off the bill in May. They remained on the bill. See link:
Regardless of the bill, I'm not a big fan of legislators from across the state determining laws for residents of Watauga and Ashe County.

Lew Hendricks said...

I am running as a Republican and the comment is mine. I will try to explain better and in more detail. Let me know if it leads to more questions.

In my comment I didn't take a position on the merits of the bill. I took a position on the right way to do things.

I found it very curious that a republican county commission (Ashe County) from where Mr. Jordan is from would vote to be taken off a bill introduced by Mr. Jordan. I would have thought he would talk to the county commissioners of both counties in his district before introducing legislation that would affect only them.

I don't want my representative to introduce legislation that only applies to the county I live in. Stated differently - I don't want legislators from across the state dictating laws that don't apply to the people they represent. Legislators with no vested interest in Watuaga and Ashe counties are voting on matters that only concern our district. Mr. Jordan initially introduced the law statewide and it got shot down quickly. He then introduced the same bill for only Ashe and Watauga counties and it passed through the house. Why would a legislator from outside our area vote against it for the state and then vote for it when it only pertains to Ashe and Watauga?

A lot of people I talk to are tired of the games being played by both parties. If the political party you are affiliated with uses tactics to get something done it's ok. If the political party you are not affiliated with uses the same tactics it's not ok. We see it at the local, state, and federal level.

It's time to approach things the right way.

Mike D. said...

Hear, hear! Sounds refreshing, Lew.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Hendricks. I appreciate your response but, I was actually interested in your position on the subject of the bill itself. That is, the use of eminent domain by a municipality to acquire property outside of their actual jurisdiction. Are you in favor of a town being able to go outside town limits and into the county to condemn land? Do you oppose or support a bill which would give the county commissioners authority to approve or disapprove condemnation of land owned by county residents?

As far as Raleigh legislating a "local" issue, I wonder if you are aware that the county commissioners passed a resolution in favor of this bill? Further, since the affected county residents have no opportunity to vote for or against those municipal officials who are trying to condemn their land, who should they turn to if not their state legislators?

Thanks again for your earlier response. I am trying to understand where you stand on the issue.

Lew Hendricks said...

Anonymous -

Your point about the county residents not having a vote for or against the municipal officials is very well taken. It's something I've thought about and agree with. People shouldn't have laws or actions taken against them by elected officials that they didn't have an opportunity to vote for or against. I use the same rationale for not wanting state legislators that represent people outside the district enacting laws that affect Watauga and Ashe only. I try to be consistent in applying my principals.

So, it's fun to have intellectual conversations about this, but what should be done. In the Army we would ask...."Is that THE way or just A way". Very rarely is there only one way or THE way of approaching a problem. I will talk about A way of approaching this situation.

The goal would be to solve the problem at the local level. Most people would agree solving it at the local level is the best scenario. I would go to the town council and mayor and explain the concerns of the county residents outside of town limits. I think it would be easy to have them understand that their actions affect people that don't have a voice/vote. That's the common ground. Then it gets tricky. Get the county commissioners and town council to work together to find a solution. These two bodies have worked together better recently, so a solution between the two bodies could happen. You keep working at this until you have exhausted all avenues. Legislative action by the state is an option, but this option would be a last resort. I hate to say legislative action would be like going to war because equating war and local legislation is a bit crude. But it's the same concept. Exhaust all options first before going to war. Exhaust all option first before letting other legislators get involved.

That's just my two cents. It's just A way and I could be wrong.

Anyone reading this comment that might want to get together sometime my phone number is 828-434-0678. I always enjoy discussing topics and learning from different points of view.


USS Rodger Young said...

Mr Hendricks,

I have a problem with you defending John McCain. McCain is a liberal socialist who sold out the electorate many years ago. He's a kook unfit to lead a group of retards. The old 15 round boxing matches that many of us used to enjoy. Thank John McCain for helping to end that. Then the Ultimate Fighting Championship comes along, and he calls it "human cockfighting" which resulted in a slew of rules that robbed the sport of its vitality. Why is it John McCain's business if I want to watch no rules fighting on television? What about records checks to purchase a weapon? McCain supports records checks which is a direct infringement on my God-given, inalienable 2nd Amendment Rights. Do you support mandatory record checks for an American buying a gun? If you support John McCain, then you support socialism.

Lew Hendricks said...

USS Rodger Young,

Don't take my initial comment as defending Mr. McCain's politics. It was a comment only on Trump's comment about McCain's service record. We can go back and forth on his record. But, politics aside you can't be OK with someone that hasn't been in the military attacking a combat veteran about his military record. Go after him about his policy positions...perfectly fine.

In this case I separate the politics and the military record. I think Trump should have done the same. There is plenty of policy differences Trump could have talked about.

I defend veterans to a fault sometimes. They will always get the benefit of the doubt with me.


Democratus Rex said...

"If you support John McCain, then you support socialism. "

If you accept Social Security, Police, Firefighters, then you support socialism.

Anonymous said...

If you have a retirement plan you are a capitalist, as the plans are all in the stock market. You know, big banks, big oil, big pharmaceutical. Hell, you might even own stock in Volkswagen and their polluting cars.

To say that if you accept ss police etc you accept socialism is ludicrous. You have to pay into ss, by force as socialists are wont to do. Police and firefighters predate socialist nonsense. Ben Franklin help found a private firedepartment in the mid 1700s.

Democratus Rex said...

..and highways, and parks, and court system, etc. All owned by the government and maintained for the benefit of all the people.