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Friday, September 4, 2015

Trump's Immigration Worth Knowing About

If you are like me, all I heard about Trump’s immigration plan was the he wanted to deport and re-import, the illegals. Well his program is certainly more than that.

Trump’s plan has three core principles that are worth considering to start the
discussion. A nation should:

1. Control its border

2. Enforce its immigration laws.

3. Put its own workers first.

Then several enforcement policies follow from the core principles which should be accepted:

1. Increase the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

2. Encourage greater cooperation between ICE and local gang task forces.

3. Implement E-Verify nationwide.

4. Deport criminal aliens.

5. End catch-and-release policies.

6. Defund sanctuary cities.

7 Increase penalties for visa over stays.

All the above sounds reasonable and good to me.

More difficult ideas which would require debate and time, are his ideas to:

1. Deport in re-import in an orderly fashion, all of the present illegals.

2. Do what it takes to make Mexico pay for the border wall.

3. Have a pause to all immigration until we can sort things out and do it right.

4. End the birthright citizenship which is now being abused by people coming here and having babies, declaring them citizens.

I feel that even all of these should be carefully debated and considered.

Trump is not the person the old media is trying to sell us. He is a solid thinker and I think will eventually get through the fog of the left-wing press.
From September 7 National Review


Anonymous said...

"I think will eventually get through the fog of the left-wing press."

You wish.

Anonymous said...


How will we find the money to build a 10 feet deep and 50 feet high when conservative don't want to tax the rich or corporations and don't want workers unionized or paid a living wage that is taxable? How is a 2500 mile wall more important than basic infrastructure? How do you logistically deport 12 million American residents? How do you prevent environmental damage the wall will cause? How do to deal with the other 60% of undocumented residents who arrive here other than crossing the Mexican border? How do crops get harvested, roofs get installed, sheet rock, tile, lawns mowed, toilets cleaned, dishes washed and paint applied after these craftsman leave?
Scapegoating and bigotry are big ticket items for Conservative demagogues.

Sarkazein said...

How would "Anonymouse" comment if there was not a question mark?

Blogger said...

Anonymous, with Trump I think he has already broken through the left-wing press. Did you not hear that Cruz wanted Trump to come to the rally protesting the Armageddon Iran deal? He said when Trump is there, the cameras come.

Anonymous said...

Fear, Fear, Fear, fear those people THOSE people, fear that religion, fear the gay agenda, fear public school teachers, fear unions, fear tree huggers, fear socialist, fear liberals, fear Atheist, fear that political party, fear God, fear the bogie man.

Liberals don't buy the world of fear driven politics conservatives are selling but have a world quest for knowledge, ideas, solutions, humanity, compassion, education, justice and embrace change and reform.

Johnny Rico said...

Nonymouse coward,

Strange, it seems liberal socialist sheep (you) have such an irrational fear of guns that you dolts believe they shoot people all by themselves. You also have a fear of Confederate Flags, independent thinkers, preppers, ranchers, lion hunting, cake bakers, Chick Filet, churches (except Muslim mosques), Merry Christmas, words (illegal alien, male, female, etc.), spanking, heaven, God, Johnny Rico, the Constitution, founding fathers and the concept of limited government.

Ha, that will teach you to mouth off like a raped goat. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico


Anonymous said...


It's alway good to get right to the heart of conservative thinking and no one does it better than the poster child of conservative thinking like Johnny, or which ever personality is posting today.

Johnny Rico said...

And like a typical liberal socialist sheep, your one line quip does nothing to refute or disparage the facts presented to you. The nonymouse coward is probably ready to exit stage left. LOL!! I won.

Nancy C.

Blogger said...

Anonymous, you wrote "
It's alway good to get right to the heart of conservative thinking and no one does it better than the poster child of conservative thinking like Johnny" I am curious why you picked Johnny. Would it not have been more appropriate to have said, I read this thread on Trump addressing the integration problem. I found it enlightening and significant. Then you could follow that he gets right to the heart of the conservative thinking. My guess is though that the fog of ideology in your brain would not let you neither read nor comprehend this thread. You always give me the impression that you do have a comprehension problem.

Anonymous said...


Trumps comments are just Bullshit, bait for mindless bigots. You can't at this point deport all unsocument residents for a number of human rights reasons, economic reason and math.

I'm in a booming resort community this Labor Day hear hammers and Spanish speaking workers.