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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Best Analysis I Read This Morning by Chris Stirewalt FOX News First

"Hillary Clinton certainly won the first Democratic debate. But if she couldn’t have beaten that forlorn bunch she should have suspended her campaign immediately.

On stage were five candidates with a median age of 65, and the only current office holder isn’t even a Democrat, but rather an independent socialist who called for
"political revolution" – and was seconded!

Here was Clinton facing an even weaker field than Mitt Romney in 2012 – which is saying something – with the added advantage that her supposed rivals spent as much time praising her as they did offering oblique, usually embarrassed, criticisms.

While Sen. Bernie Sanders’ fans no doubt liked what they heard about redistributing the stuffing out of Wall Street and moving toward a Scandinavian-style system (seriously), his biggest moment of the night came when he absolved Clinton of her current scandal surrounding secret servers, hidden emails and classified information – rendering it dead and buried as a consideration for her primary rivals.

But they may not even be rivals anymore, if they ever were.

The former senators, Lincoln "The Block" Chafee and Jim "Father Time" Webb, were at the wrong debate. Webb was talking about the benefits of coal, gun rights and battlefield valor in Vietnam and Chafee playing up spending controls and tax cuts – they might as well have been speaking Mandarin.

Martin O’Malley tried to confront Clinton, but appeared instead to be running for America’s assistant principal, exuding his disappointment in a condescending tone. Depending on what O’Malley’s campaign costs to run and what he can raise, he can presumably hang in until the Iowa caucuses hoping for the weather to change. But we were not looking at the man who was going to break the Clinton machine.


Wolf's Head said...

Old, white hippies.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and/or Bernie can/will handily beat any of the republicons thus far in the race.

Blogger said...

Anonymous, Once again, did the gods on Mt Olympus reveal this to you?

Blogger said...

The big winner on social media during the Democratic debate was ... Donald Trump?!

The GOP frontrunner took to Twitter last night to live-tweet during the two-hour forum, and during that time, he added 70,000 new followers.

That's more than all of the Democratic candidates combined!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, himself, did.

Anonymous said...


Did we watch the same debate? I saw thoughtful, intelligent, civil thinking public servants debating any of which far exceeds any of the GOP fear mongers.