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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Democratic Debate Cold Open | SNL


Sarkazein said...

Larry David is about as Leftist as you get. He is also a multi-millionaire Leftist. He rides in limos and has a Prius (sp). He might not be Bernie's type of liberal, he would be more of an Algore/Hillary type of Liberal.

I find him to be funny though. I have laughed hard at Curb. He was right-on with the underwear thing. If a Liberal has one pair and another person has four, they are jealous and consider themselves the more righteous for only having one pair. They will, however, try to pass a law that will increase their underwear holdings or they will vote to take some of the underwear away from people who possess more then their fair share. At least with the Clintons, they donated their used underwear to the less fortunate. as per their tax deductions.

Every time I hear Clinton and underwear together, I think of Jennifer Flowers telling how Bill used to dance around her apartment in her underwear. Maybe he was practicing to be First Lady. In Houston, depending how the election here goes, Bill might legally be able to wear Jennifer Flower's underwear in to the woman's locker room.

Anonymous said...

Sark, interesting and sad comment, considering the Flowers anecdote. She's lucky to be alive. She and the other women who went public saved their own lives. Those who didn't died violent deaths.

I'm curious. Where did David obtain his millions? From Soros?

Sarkazein said...

Larry David was the creator of Seinfeld. He made his millions being goofy.

Sarkazein said...

Soros probably has more millions than Larry David, so Larry probably thinks Soros is too rich.

Sarkazein said...

Washington Post says Biden is in.

Who will SNL have playing Biden? CLICK HERE

Less the hair plugs.