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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Members of Press Negative Against Seventh-Day Adventist

Regarding Carson’s Seventh-Day Adventist religion, Trump said "Seventh-Day Adventist, I don't know about. I just don't know about." That is all he said. Readers, Google the presses’ response today. They went ballistic at Trump for "attacking Carson’s religion."

All of you understand the meaning of psychological projection. That is when you attribute your own negative thoughts to someone else. Because Trump said only, he just did not know about Seventh-Day Adventist religion and practically the entire press projected negativity, it says a lot more about members of the presses’ attitude about the SDA than about Donald Trump.

However, if the Donald really thought that naming Carson as a Seventh-day Adventist was a negative and would garner him votes from the Evangelicals of Iowa, then he goofed. Billy Graham long ago certified the SDA as legitimate Evangelicals and included them in his campaigns.


Sarkazein said...

I like the Saturday as the Sabbath idea. Saturday from sundown to sun up Sunday.

Sarkazein said...

If being an honest, no booze or even caffeine, strong family man with experience as a church official (Romney) can work against you in todays Marxist political atmosphere then anything can work against you. Trump is a Democrat. He thought that would bring hatred down on Dr Carson like it did on Romney. Democrats everywhere are looking for a reason to voice their hatred of Dr Carson without being politically incorrect maybe this is it... he expresses religion outside the home or church (verboten by liberal law) and he's from a cult.

Sarkazein said...

Another Democrat thing TRUMP did was to teasingly use the term "Mommy and Daddy" when describing Jeb's meeting with his mother and father (former Republican President) about his campaign. Remember how Democrats made fun of President George W Bush's close relationship with his father and his mother, like a close relationship with parents is a bad thing.
I am expecting TRUMP to break out in a round of The Macarena at any time now.

Sarkazein said...

And what's even weirder? I believe TRUMP inherited his company from his parents AND all his kids work for him now. Are they allowed to have a meeting with "Daddy"? Does TRUMP call a meeting by messaging them that "Daddy" wants to meet at the TRUMP conference room?