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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stopping Mass Killings the Israeli Way

 I saw a  picture like this of a teacher in Israel.

Concealed Weapons and Drop in Crime

A person I know about had a chain of laundry mats here in North Carolina. He put up the signs that are now available saying, "People with concealed weapon permits welcome here." Vandalism dropped over 80%.

We will never be able to detect the disturbed loner.  We will never be able to detect all the would-be terrorist.  And, we will never be able to take Americans' guns without a bloody revolution.  But we can have something like a well regulated  militia like our forefathers who all carried guns.


Wolf's Head said...

Creation of these gun free murder zones rests squarely on the lefties shoulders.

My wife teaches at a college and she's not happy at being dismissed or charged if she has the means to protect herself.

This shows the mental perversions of the left. Kill someone with a gun and all gun owners are to blame. Defend yourself from criminals and you are still at fault.

Justifying citizen disarmament by comparing the U.S. to other countries is an invalid apples to oranges comparison. Other countries do not have our demographics or societal background. And by that I mean they do not have vast subcultures of violent parasites or self loathing suicidal elitists bent on destroying their own country.

The Isreali, and American concealed carry licensees, have shown how to stop these suicidal mass murderers but the left would rather have the body count to justify their political goals.

Sarkazein said...

If there were just fewer rockets and guns and exploding pants, there would be less terrorist attacks on innocent Israelis. Israel needs more weapons laws and signs.


and HERE

and HERE after Obama finishes helping Iran get the bomb

Wolf's Head said...

Commentary on the lefty madness:

Blogger said...

Thanks for the market-ticker post Wolfe

Democratus Rex said...


Jus saying! (the facts) said...

Meanwhile in reality, instead of the ammosexual RPG in every room fantasy land.

Wolf's Head said...

Blogger said...

Jus saying, thanks for the link in which the armed vet says: "makes it known that he has the right to carry. He obviously believes in the Second Amendment. There is little doubt that had the shooter happened to have come into the room he was in that he would have responded with lethal force, being fully trained to do so. He would also have made sure the other occupants were securely hidden behind him and that he was in control of the situation."

Sarkazein said...

JusSaying- My question was, if you were in the room where the shooting was going on, would you rather have a gun in your pocket or would you rather be clutching your picture of Hillary Clinton?
I didn't read here where anyone said the armed civilian should have mount their own SWAT operation.

Wolf's Head said...

Apparently Roseburg,OR has had enough of leftist blood dancing.

Wolf's Head said...

Typical leftist hypocracy and elitism in action.

" Democratus Rex said...

Fact, the author won't give up his guns.

As with drex, vox is stuck on stupid.

Those who promote gun control want it for the OTHER guy, not for themselves.