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Sunday, November 15, 2015


   Last week when the president of the  University of Missouri was forced to resign, the student leader wept because the moment meant so much to him. 

“There are a lot of tears at universities these days. When the conservative lawyer Amy Wax spoke at the Yale Political Union, a group of students stood up, turned their backs on her.  Some students were so upset that she got to speak, they “cried during her speech.”

After the president of MIT said something a  female professor at MIT thought was offensive, she  “She said, “I thought I was going to get sick.”  “My heart was pounding and my breath was shallow.” “I was extremely upset.”  Later the president had to resign.

The author is pointing out what has now become infantilization in academia.  He coins a new term that expresses it perfectly–crybullies.   The crybully “has weaponized his coveted status as a victim.”

Even as he wrote “Amherst College is exploding with nonnegotiable demands from a student group that the president apologize for (among others things) Amherst’s “institutional legacy of white supremacy, colonialism, anti-black racism, anti-Latinx racism, anti-Native American racism, anti-Native/ indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Middle Eastern racism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma, and classism.” Really, you can’t make it up.”

And in all cases, the president’s groveled.
From WSJ Crybullies


Blogger said...

On the other hand, the recent student protests at ASU was much more mature and appropriate. Protesting having to pay higher costs for the excessive number of administrators is a legitimate issue. The author of the above article agrees. I am proud of ASU students.

Sarkazein said...

The bastion of liberalism is dining on its own carcass.

Blogger said...

Read today that a number of comedians who make the college circuit, are quitting. The kids are getting too sensitive and weird. I am sure glad that I am retired. I was beginning to feel this coming. I dread the fact that we are some day turning things over to this generation. Cry bullying won't work against ISIS and the other threats we now face.

Sarkazein said...

Liberalism typically has the opposite results, long term, of its original intent. The college campus "crybullies" is a perfect example. Now, after decades of liberalism, the students are closed minded and hostile to opposing views.
A perfect example of this liberal brainwashing is the video of the female professor calling into the crowd for "muscle" to remove the student journalist with whom she disagreed. Liberalism has turned them into thugs, which is the exact opposite of the intent.