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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reader Calls the Bible a Fairy Tale

   One of our more intelligent leftist commenters on this blog with the nom de plume of Democratus Rex just wrote that our Bible is a fairy tale. DR as a learned person you might at least do us the honor of calling it mythological. As you know, myths convey truths which are beyond the human mind’s capacity to comprehend.

And the Bible is quite a myth. It includes both the unseen world and the observable world. It is the story of the war of the elohims (gods).

From the Bible we are revealed there was a war between elohims and the Creator of all. The rebels ended up on earth. They turned our planet into a miserable place of poverty, disease and finally death. In the New Testament they are called the rulers of this world.

The story is kicked up a big notch when the Elohim of Elohims (Yahweh) enters into human history. He models for us how to destroy the works of the rebel elohim using supernatural power. He then empowers us to go out and take territory. It is hand to hand trench warfare.

What keeps us going are our successes, coupled with the promise that one day He will come with his loyal Elohims. He will take captive all the rebel elohims and all the humans who attached themselves to them.

That’s quite a fairy tale!

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Democratus Rex said...

Which mythology to choose? Too many to choose from. They come and go. Each one is more powerful, more conditional than the last. I wonder what future myth will overrule the current ones? It's not a question of if, but when. Humans are afraid of dying and need something mythic to make the transition less fearful. Truth is, we are not as important as we think we are. When we die, we become compost.