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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Reader Posts Where He Is Right Now on Republican Primary

(Conservative readers, please give us some more of these.  Lefties, go post your choices on Watauga Watch).   
Honest Debate writes:  "I thought John Kasich was a champ in the 90's. I still respect his body of work from that era. Now he's just another establishment punk. Chris Christie used to send a thrill up my leg but his immigration stance bugs me and I can't forgive him for allowing Obama to play him like a fiddle after Sandy. I've tried. Lindsey Graham is right about some things but I don't trust him at all on the few things he is good on. John Roberts has made some good decisions but he's a traitor. If it were up to me I'd impeach him. And now, Et tu Paul Ryan? Send him to Eric Cantor land. The list of feckless Republicans is long.

Trump is not my candidate but I can completely understand his rise. And don't think I wouldn't vote for him in a heartbeat if it comes to that. He's political candy, it may not sustain you but it sure is sweet.

I still have not decided but I am excited about this cycle because we will have a say from NC because we vote on super Tuesday. I can't remember the last time the NC Republican primary was relevant. In 2008 I voted for Hillary because McCain was already the nominee and I knew Obama was the radical, Alinsky-stewed disaster he has proven to be... that and Operation Chaos.

If the election were tomorrow, I'd go with Cruz. Rubio has promise but has slid in my mind after the last debate. I like Carson and am not one who puts experience above integrity but I'm still a little uneasy with him given the Middle East turmoil. My second choice behind Cruz (at this point) is Fiorina. I just can't rule her out. Her reasoning about why she wouldn't talk to Putin right away was outstanding. I like her foreign policy, she is the only one I've heard who has articulated what she would do. I think she gets it."

 ( Blogger:  Honest Debate and I are singing from the same music sheet.  Thanks HD.  By the way, where have you been?  You are sorely missed.) 


Wolf's Head said...

There is no political resolution of the demise of our liberties.

Congress, especially the repubs, have shown their contempt for our freedom and our country.

Of the candidates running for President, I would vote for Trump because the lefties in this country would either:

1. Leave

2. Commit suicide, or

3. Their heads would explode.

That would wipe out both sides of the aisle in Congress and their supporters.

Then maybe sanity and decency could make a comeback.

Honest Debate said...

Hey Blogger, I hope all is well with you. I've been here and there. Thanks for the welcoming words.

Anonymous said...

The recent budget vote funding Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary cities and other Democratic party priorities should serve as a wake up call. The Republicans we sent to Washington to cut spending have continued to vote for more debt, more spending and more government.

Perhaps this recent congressional malfeasance will help the anti-establishment candidates. Trump and Cruz will benefit from the backlash! Conservative voters are getting fed up with Republicans selling us out!

Reader said...

Still like Cruz and Trump in second spot for now. It's a nope on Kasich. Carly just seems so angry all the time to me though she has a good head on her shoulders. Paul is just Paul...doesn't do anything to keep my interest. Christie, another no. The bridge deal I didn't like. Rubio, I did like until this last debate. I don't know what happened with him for me. Carson, I do like but he's just not got that fire in him that I think is required. Jeb, poor ole Jeb...

Trump and Cruz could take on the dictators and therefore my thoughts for now are on them.

It's time to start weeding out the less fortunate candidates of the race.

Good to see Honest Debate is still around. Welcome back - enjoy reading your comments.

Blogger said...

As you will note, I am keeping this thread on what is important information for us on the Right in selecting our candidate. Anyone, who wants to be a troll, or even feed a troll, go to the Vent Page.

Blogger said...

Volunteer for Trump in NC
So far you have all said Trump so maybe this link will interest you

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

At this point the only reason I see for Bush, Kasich, Christie and the others at the bottom of the deck to stay in the race is to hope for a brokered convention where the establishment can torpedo Trump, Carson and Cruze.

USS Rodger Young said...

Who was trolling Blogger?

Blogger said...

Not you.

USS Rodger Young said...

Goody. The primary will be interesting. Trump may well lose much of his support, and Ted Cruz will be aligned fairly well to receive the fallout. Ted Cruz has a proven track record of opposing Congress in spending and increasing the size of government. Right now, he is the only tried and true candidate capable of acting in a conservative fashion. If Trump somehow does survive politically to get the nomination, I would vote for him just to see the continued destruction of political parties. I could see Trump starting a third party if he did actually win the Presidency. I don't have a load of confidence in him, but much more confidence than I do in anyone else, minus Cruz.

If the liberals weren't concerned that he could beat Hillary, then extremist news sites like the Puffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, etc wouldn't be going after him so hard.

Vote for Trump just to get revenge on the RINOs for ignoring Cuccinich.

Anonymous said...

Here's a dissenting conservative's view. There's too much back slapping and deference to the loudest voices on this blog.

Rubio is the only candidate who can unite the disparate elements of the Party. And he will present a favorable contrast against Hillary--youth vs age, new vs old, conservative vs liberal and could garner some Latino support as well. Trump will set back conservatism much more than Goldwater did in '64. Cruz is much too divisive to win any blue or purple states. A Rubio-Carly ticket would be the strongest against Hillary.

And think of the cabinet possibilities--Christie as AG, Carson at HHS, Lindsey at DoD, Bush at State. I'd bring Rudy G. in to run Homeland Security and Rick Perry to be Energy Czar. He'd need to get Scott Walker involved somewhere--maybe head of EPA?

Santorum and Huckabee could vie for the honorary title of Director of National Religion. John Kasich should be exiled back to Oho (and not allowed to leave the state) and Rand Paul back to the Senate where he should be allowed to make floor speeches only between midnight and 5 AM when, hopefully, only hard core libertarians would be listening.