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Friday, December 4, 2015

Fox Goes PC

You have heard me say over and over on this blog that political correctness is going to get us killed. Those of you keeping up with the San Bernardino shooting know that my prediction may have finally happened. As you know, the neighbors of the shooters saw something suspicious but say they did not report it at the risk of appearing not PC.

On Fox this morning, they were asking in regard to the neighbors, "Are we becoming too PC?"

Get ready for this–as they discussed the subject of PC, Fox let us know that the people were killed at a "Holiday Party!" For the first  two days they were killed at a Christmas party. Now for Fox, it suddenly is a Holiday Party!

Folks, you just can’t make these things up.


Blogger said...

Tonight the lawyers for the family of the Muslim shooters were equating Christian abortion clinic bombers with Muslim terrorists. Their point is that we don’t hold all Christians responsible for the acts of a few.

No. But Christianity starts with Pentecost and Christian guidance goes from the Book of Acts through the letter of Jude. There is nothing in that literature that tells us to kill infidels. To the contrary a lot of it actually includes material on how not to get killed by the infidels.

Anonymous said...

Heard on TV. “Many Muslims are not jihadists. They are the ones who don’t take their religion all that seriously. “

Listener: “Oh you mean like Methodists.”

Sarkazein said...

The two lawyers sounded like liberals. The pompous asses telling us how we should interpret the obvious. The kind of political correctness these Shysters were spouting helped the two Jihadist in their terror.

Blogger said...

The lawyers are supposed to be representing the family. Instead they sounded like they thought their job was to acquit the two killers.