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Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's Not Unconstitutional, Idiots

  It's is making me crazy hearing people say that Trump's idea to ban Muslims  is unconstitutional.  Mark Krikorian at National Review reminds us" 

" Congress can exclude or admit any foreigner it wants, for any reason or no reason. Non-Americans have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to travel to the United States and no constitutional due-process rights to challenge exclusion; as the Supreme Court has written multiple times, (Emphasis mine) "Whatever the procedure authorized by Congress is, it is due process as far as an alien denied entry is concerned."

What’s more, while the president doesn’t have the authority that Obama has claimed, to let in anyone he wants for any reason (under the guise of "parole"), he does have the statutory authority to keep anyone out, for any reason he thinks best.


Blogger said...

Breitbart continues "In his National Review piece, Krikorian gives Trump a little credit for starting a conversation about immigration and national security, topics which are too often dominated by thoughtless pieties. We might also applaud Trump for dragging liberals out of their seven-year totalitarian stupor under Obama, and making them realize due process matters, legislative responsibility rests with Congress, and untrammeled executive authority is bad. I knew they would instantly embrace all of those truths on the day a Republican President was inaugurated, but Trump woke them up over a year ahead of schedule."

Sarkazein said...

He gives Liberals too much credit. I guaranty Liberals have not connected the two, legislative responsibility and Obama's executive orders. Also, I have to laugh at the Liberals throwing the "no religious test" flag.

Wolf's Head said...

Here's Carter banning Iranians.

FDR bans German, Italian and Japanese immigration.

Why are democrats so hateful?