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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Obama's Sand Castles

  Cheer Up, Obama’s Legacy Can Be Erased  By Michael Solon, Phil Gramm Dec. 20, 2015 Wall Street Journal

Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm explains to us how so many of Obama’s policies can easily be erased by the next president with no more than a stroke of a pin.

"An array of President Obama’s policies—changing immigration law, blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, the Iranian nuclear agreement and the normalization of relations with Cuba, among others—were implemented exclusively through executive action."

Because any president is free "to revoke, modify or supersede his own orders or those issued by a predecessor," a Republican president could overturn every Obama executive action the moment after taking the oath of office. And, "On the first day in the Oval Office the president could order federal agencies to halt consideration of all pending regulations—precisely as President Obama himself did."

Also because he refused to work with Congress, he could only get passed the flimsiest of laws with few details and many loopholes. The next president can be exploiting these loopholes while the Congress is repealing and replacing laws like Obamacare.

The Iranian deal was never signed, so it is paper. The Climate Change Agreement has no enforcement in it and so again is just paper.

Because he refused to be bipartisan, he can’t expect help from a Republican Congress to help him salvage Obamacare.

His three great hoped-for legacies: Health Care, Iranian deal, and Climate Change are all sand castles.


Sarkazein said...

Roll tide!

USS Rodger Young said...

Obama has just told us, again, what he intends to do in regards to the 2nd Amendment. He will institute gun control via executive order. No subterfuge, no behind the scenes deals, no wondering what will happen next. Like obummercare, he is mounting a full frontal assault. And what are the Republicans doing? Are they mounting a full frontal assault on anything? Have they mounted a full frontal assault on anything?

Paul Ryan made backroom deals with Pelosi and the Dems to pass the 1.2 trillion spending bill that we all disagree with. We don't even know what's in the bill!!! George Bush did the same when he helped pass legislation that gives us spigots on gas cans that are hard as hell to operate. When did the proletariat get a say on that?

At least the extremist Democrats tell you what they are going to do and then do it. Conservatives stay asleep like I've pointed out for the past decade. This country deserves EVERYTHING obummer is giving them. I actually believe obummer is a much better leader for his party than any Republican have been for theirs. He tells you what he plans to do, dares you to stop him, and then does it!! That's leadership. Republicans couldn't lead a whore to a brothel on New Years Eve.

Nobody said...

Get ready for it - here it comes: Gun control via executive action!

One year left in his presidency. No reelection to worry about. Congress already in Republican hands so he can't be accused of "losing" Congress. Angry that Congress isn't taking up new gun control laws he wants. Doesn't particularly like the Clintons and doesn't care if his actions hurt Hillary's election chances (and Hillary has already insinuated she will support more gun control anyway). This, according to the article and his radio address, is the one piece of "unfinished business" for his presidency.

Sarkazein said...

Obama, leading from behind as aways, can watch Virginia's AG go around the people's representatives and rule by decree.
RICHMOND — Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced Tuesday that the commonwealth will no longer recognize out-of-state concealed handgun permits, part of a national push to circumvent legislatures opposed to tightening gun laws.

Herring (D) said 25 states have lax laws compared with Virginia, where a history of stalking, drug dealing or inpatient mental health treatment can disqualify someone from carrying a concealed handgun. The move is in step with actions governors and attorneys general are taking to address gun violence without going through Republican-controlled legislatures.

“While you are here, you are subject to the commonwealth’s gun laws,” Herring said during a news conference.

But Herring’s office could not say how many people are suspected of crossing into Virginia with concealed weapons to commit crimes, and Republican lawmakers sharply criticized the move, which enforces laws already on the books.

Nevertheless, more than 6.3 million people who could legally carry concealed handguns into Virginia today will lose the privilege when the change takes effect next year. An additional 420,000 Virginians with concealed-carry permits will no longer enjoy reciprocity when they travel to six states.

Sarkazein said...

Should read: as always.