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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obama's Widows and Orphans

To the common sense concern by Republicans over bringing in tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees, Obama has a mocking laugh line: "scared of widows and orphans."


Sarkazein said...

Obama's latest speech was just more of that insulting tone towards half the people in this country. He uses more time to define who the enemy isn't than who the enemy is.
The FBI is checking the mother and father of this guy too. I hope they saved some water-boards from the time the US had a real President.

Anonymous said...

Instead of arguing that people on the "terrorist watch list" (whatever that is) should be denied second amendment constitutional rights, wouldn't it make more sense to deny these "suspected terrorists" government jobs in Homeland Security?

A minimum of 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are on a terrorist watch list, according to an inspector general report.

Read more:

Sarkazein said...

All Muslim terrorists are required to register on the terrorist watch list.

Sarkazein said...

THIS ONE is a two burqa er

This one should have been vetted and refused on looks alone.
I wonder is HappilyMarried is still wanting to count on the vetting process.

Sarkazein said...

When the Leftists use the word "fear", they see fear differently than real Americans do.


Blogger said...

Did you notice the libs have stopped mocking us about always spreading fear.

Democratus Rex said...

We're still mocking you irrational scardeycats.

Blogger said...

Then you are mocking everyone in the country. If you were not so illiterate you would have heard over and over: "Americans are scared." Guess you have been on that other planet you live on.

Democratus Rex said...

"Americans are scared" is not the same as "All Americans are scared".

"If you were not so illiterate you would have heard over and over:" FYI, "illiterate" has nothing to do with the ability to hear.

What is there to be afraid of?