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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What's It To You Grinch?

 According to a recent Pew Poll, nine out of ten Americans celebrate Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. The carols, the children’s faces, the people gathered for holiday meals, the old Christmas movies, all fill me with happy nostalgia.

So why did the group calling themselves Freedom From Religion rain all over our parade? What is it about Christmas that triggers such an obsessive compulsiveness to drive Christmas from theirs and the public’s consciousness?

If I put on my psychologist hat, I
have treated obsessive-compulsive disorders which cause people to react irrationally to something. Not only is OCD a problem to the person, but also to those around them who see their behavior as irrational.

If I put on my other hat, my priest hat, I have had a demon speak to me begging me to not use the name of Jesus. It even went so far as to cry out that I was hurting the person being delivered and that I would kill them if I did not back off. So I have seen people have agonized reactions  to the very word, Jesus, or Christ.

When we were kids, if someone was getting into our business, our fighting words were "What’s it to you?" Next Christmas, I wish the ninety percent who enjoy Christmas would ball up their fists and pushing back, demand to those who want to rain on our parade: "What’s it to you?"

Meanwhile, it would be nice if each of those in the freedom from religion movement would go off alone for self-reflection–to ask themselves, "What’s it to me? I mean, really, "What’s it to me."


Wolf's Head said...

The left just hates to see people happy.

They also have an overwhelming need to control other people.

So it's no wonder they want to interfere in everyone else's lives.

I have known for some time that liberalism is a mental disorder, but possessed? That explains alot more.

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oh brother.