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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In Debate, Once Again I Agree 100% With Morris


Blogger said...

Something that disturbed me last night was I thought I heard young people booing Trump when he explained why we would need to take out the bad guys’ families. I keep saying, as a WWII vet, the only way I know to fight a war is the way we did. We destroyed Japan and we destroyed Germany and Italy and then we came home. We cannot keep sending our young men and women into battle with rules of engagement that have to be decided each encounter by lawyers back in Washington. We cannot fight a war if we worry about collateral damage. Also, we cannot send them into countries where we cannot tell the good guys from the bad guys–where the people can change back and forth on a dime from allies to enemies. And we cannot ask our young people to get maimed or killed for totally corrupt leaders.

If the other side will not leave us alone and we have to fight, then fight, WWII style. It sickened me to hear the kids boo. They are clueless.

Sarkazein said...

At one time in modern Israel, when a PLO/"Palestinian" murdered some innocent Israelis, the Israeli army would bulldoze his families house. The upside-down world thought it was wrong for the Israelis to do that. In Leftist perversion-think, the terrorist and the house became the victims. And that's with the family being allowed to move out before it was demolished.
If you are a terrorist who shields yourself with your family, it is the terrorist at fault for the family having been harmed.