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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Another Red Line In The Sand

    "The Obama administration embarrassed itself yesterday, backing away from sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program. Behaving like an abused spouse, the White House repeatedly delayed implementing sanctions that had previously been scheduled to take effect, and offered no timeline for implementation".

"The White House on Wednesday morning sent a notification to Congress that the Treasury Department would announce at 10:30 a.m. new sanctions."

"The White House then sent a second email to congressional offices at 11:12 a.m. stating the sanctions announcement had been "delayed for a few hours."

"In a final White House email sent just after 10 p.m., officials said the sanctions had been delayed, and didn’t specify when they might go ahead."

All this after Iran tested two long range missiles capable of carrying nuclear heads as well as firing a missile near our aircraft carrier.  American Thinker


Sarkazein said...

At one time in the Iraq War prior to Obama's retreat, there were stories out about Iran supplying the IEDs that were killing and maiming our military. HOW could Obama release the billions of dollars to Iran? WHY wouldn't that money be used toward treating our wounded?

Sarkazein said...

Obama has screwed up the Middle East so bad, he has to distract from his failures by attacking the 2nd Amendment. The MSM is giving him a pass on the Middle East just like they have given him a pass on all his failures. There are stories about Obama allowing ISIS to grow because he thought they would defeat Assad. If so, he has more blood on his hands. A good friend of mine from Virginia has served 2 two year contracts in Iraq and one in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor. He decided to call it quits and is staying home now that he completed his Afghanistan contract. Afghanistan is the next place Obama will retreat from after he has released all the terrorists from GITMO he can.
It is an upside down world and a liberal commenter on another thread will only display his/her psycho hatred of Conservatives. Was he psycho before Obama's "change" or did he develop it over the past 7 years?

GunShopOwners of America said...

Thank you President Obama for your efforts on gun control.
GunShop Owners of America

Sarkazein said...

He (Obama) and Michael Moore have stimulated gun proliferation like no one ever imagined possible. Smith & Wesson would probably agree to finance his third run for President. It is his combination of ignorance and arrogance... same with Moore. They could team up as the new Laurel and Hardy and make anti-gun slapstick movies. Bloomberg(sp) could be their producer.

Anonymous said...

I see that Anna Oakes has been named as editor of the Watauga Democrat.

This means that Conservatives can give up any hope they might have had for fair coverage from this rag! She is about as left wing as Rachel Maddow!

Wolf's Head said...

Why would you expect fair reporting from something named "democrat" anyways?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Wolf's Head said...
Why would you expect fair reporting from something named "democrat" anyways?

I didn't "expect" it....but I did (occassionally) have hope.

Hope is no longer likely. Oakes was a liberal when she worked on the ASU paper, and she showed her bias at every opportunity. She isn't a 'reporter', she is an ADVOCATE and, as editor will have more leeway to pursue her agenda.