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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Summary of Obama's Unlawful Gun Proposals

  Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing  This is an abstract of an article on Obama's unlawful attempt at breaking the second amendment.  The bold are the proposals and the italics are the writers comments.  My comments are in plain text.

Clarify that it doesn’t matter where you conduct your business—from a store, at gun shows, or over the Internet: If you’re in the business of selling firearms, you must get a license and conduct background checks.
The law of what a business is very clear. "Neither Obama nor his petty Attorney General can merely set aside the law on a whim, as much as it pains their totalitarian little hearts. Loretta Lynch’s assertion that she can charge someone for merely selling one or two firearms is a bald-faced lie."

Ensure States are providing records to the background check system, and work cooperatively with jurisdictions to improve reporting.
70% are already regularly reporting.

Ensure smart and effective enforcement of our gun laws.If Obama was intent on putting bad guys in jail, he would have instead directed monies towards prosecution in the Department of Justice. Instead, prosecutions have dropped substantially in Obama’s DOJ

Ensure that dealers notify law enforcement about the theft or loss of their guns
Hey, her skirt was too short. She was asking for it. He didn’t tell us he was a victim fast enough, so let’s go after him instead of the gun thief.

Issue a memo directing every U.S. Attorney’s Office to renew domestic violence outreach efforts.
You know what consistently stops domestic abuse? A dense metal projectile moving through the cardiovascular or central nervous systems of the offender.

Dedicate significant new resources to increase access to mental health care.
Unfortunately, there is every reason to suspect that under this Administration that the goal is to merely ensure that more people are labeled as mentally ill to deny them gun rights without getting them any actual help. (See Blogger comments.)

Include information from the Social Security Administration in the background check system about beneficiaries who are prohibited from possessing a firearm. 
The devil will be in the details of this. Remember this post "Obama To Ban Guns From 4.2 Million Social Security Recipients In Massive Gun Grab." (Blogger)

Remove unnecessary legal barriers preventing States from reporting relevant information to the background check system.Expect the Obama Administration to attempt to use temporary problems—people who enter into one-time treatment to deal with personal trauma or bereavement issues—to create lifetime bans on gun ownership. Are you on Prozac or other mood elevating or depressive medication? Did you know your doctor had to give you a mental disorder code in order to get your insurance to pay? Look out! (Blogger)

Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security to take two important steps to promote smart gun technology.
We’ve been looking at "smart gun" technologies for more than six decades. In each and every instance, we circle back to the same inescapable reality that adding needless complexity to weapons will cause them to fail and cost the lives.

Barack Obama has done nothing with his executive order that will have any impact on the single greatest cause of criminal homicides in this nation. The sad acceptance of a "thug culture"

Hopefully, the Republican-controlled Congress will stop many of these harmful executive actions by simply refusing to fund the offending initiatives, and run out the clock on Obama’s lame duck Presidency.


Blogger said...

The mental illness proposal really pains me. As an advocate for those with brain disorders, we have worked so hard to reduce the stigma that causes families and their loved ones not to seek treatment. Expect a national data base for this proposal. Also, expect that knowledge to scare off many others from seeking treatment. Research reveals that 60% of Americans believe that people with Schizophrenia are dangerous. Research also reveals that 60% of the serial killers depicted on TV are supposed to have Schizophrenia.

What is the truth?

1 Most individuals with serious mental illnesses are not dangerous.
2 Most acts of violence are committed by individuals who are not mentally ill.
3 Being a young male or being a substance abuser is far greater factor for violent behavior than is the mentally ill.
4 Individuals with serious mental illness are the victims of violence.
5 If people are being appropriately treated, there is no evidence that they are any more dangerous than individuals in the general population.
6 It is also true though, that 5 to 10 % of homicides are committed by individuals who are not being treated and many such individuals are also abusing alcohol or drugs.

Sarkazein said...

It has been a problem for peace officers... fear of seeking help from mental health professionals. The fear is it could be used against them by superiors or a defense shyster. This whole nationalization of the healthcare industry with doctors and others being told to turn in their patients will only make things worse, as do most good intentions of liberals.

Anonymous said...

Fear the government that fears your guns