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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The GOP Establishment's Civil War

As regular readers are aware, Peggy Noonan is my favorite pundit. She always knocks the ball over the fence. She writes regarding the problem of the Republican establishment and their problem with Trump and the voters: "A new playbook is emerging while some contenders seem to be reading from the old playbook and wondering why the plays they’re calling aren’t working".

She gives an example of just how stupid the panicked Republican establishment has become. Virginia is an open-primary state—any registered voter can vote in either primary. But the establishment has called for a so-called loyalty oath in the March 1 presidential primary. The GOP apparently wants to discourage independents and Democrats from voting for Trump. "So they’ve decided voters should sign a statement of affiliation with the GOP before they get to cast a ballot. This is so idiotic it’s almost unbelievable. When Democrats and independents want to vote in your primary, you should be happy. Politics is a game of addition! You want headlines that say "Massive GOP Turnout." You don’t greet first-time voters with an oath, but with cookies, ginger ale and balloons. Ronald Reagan reached out to Democrats in 1984: "Come, come walk with me." "We still speak of Reagan Democrats."

Mrs. Noonan believes the establishment is afraid to take Trump seriously because they would have to come to terms with the idea that they created him. "Bush said, that Trump’s support is all about anger, angst and theatrics. That’s part of the story, but the other, more consequential part has to do with real policy issues. The establishment refuses to see that, because to admit it is to implicate themselves and their leadership. Political consultants can’t see it because they don’t think issues matter—not to them and certainly not to the dumb voters."

"But issues do matter, and Mr. Trump has functioned this year, not as a great communicator or great compromiser, but as the great disrupter. He brags that he has brought up great questions and forced other candidates to face them and sometimes change their stands—and he has." He changed the debate on illegal immigration and his competitors are struggling to get on board.

He changed the debate on Muslims just at the time Americans saw what was happening in Cologne Germany. Americans do not want our country to become what Europe is becoming as a result of politically correct thinking by their establishment.

"Back to the Republicans. It reflects badly on the party that Donald Trump—whom one journalist this week characterized as a guy running around with his hair on fire—had to become the party’s 2016 thought leader."

(I posted this article because I truly believe the Republican establishment is going to blow the party up if they don’t calm down–Blogger. The emphases are mine.)

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