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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Watch It, There is More That Meets the Eye in Today's Gun Proposal!

  Think of the president’s actions as a test case for a broader-still executive action
on guns. The dangerous part of what he did today is if these modest measures outlined, should survive legal challenges, he has surreptitiously poked his nose under the tent.

There are enumerated restrictions on the federal government in the Bill of Rights which get special status. Courts may hold that the executive branch has broad discretion in enforcing environmental regulations, banking rules, or food safety, but Madison created a force-field around certain activities.

Courts have allowed such things as regulating wetland usage, bank sales or raw milk. They have balanced the general idea of individual freedoms against the good of the society. However, get into speech, religion, assembly, guns or other enumerated areas and the test changes.

"That means courts have struck down, repeatedly, efforts by governments to restrict individuals’ abilities to own firearms. In other cases, courts have demanded at least legislative permission before restrictions have been imposed".

If Obama could win for himself and his successor broader power simply to regulate the sale of firearms for the executive alone, he will have struck a small, but very significant blow in his bid for large-scale gun control. Obama ultimately wants the right to regulate firearms the same way he can regulate the environment, banks and food, and this could be the start. (Fox News First 01/05/2016)


Sarkazein said...

My Governor said-" Come take it!" in answer to Obama's threats.

Texas open carry started January 1. Some of the big stores panicked and put up the official no open carry signs. I was surprised to hear 44 other states had open carry. I still haven't spotted anyone open carrying a handgun here, in town.
Is it a rare sight in NC ? In Texas a peace officer is supposed to display the badge next to the weapon if in plain or civilian clothes unless concealed.

Anonymous said...

Open carry in NC is a myth! Try it and you will learn all about the "Going Armed To The Terror Of The Public" law!

Sarkazein said...

I am sure there is some Texas law like "Going Armed To The Terror Of The Public" here in Texas. Trespass laws here require only you be told to leave a premiss ( if unmarked by No Trespass signs ) by a an owner or manager. If you don't move towards the exit, you are trespassing. If you are moving toward the exit at any speed including a snail's pace, you are complying. That is in any situation, not just open carry. If someone puts their hands on you to hurry you toward the exit, they have assaulted you.

I went in to two different convenience stores and a super market, all without no open carry signs. I got a few looks, but I think most assumed I was a Peace Officer even though I had nothing showing that. No one ran off with there arms waving above their heads while screaming for their savior Obama to come save them.

Sarkazein said...

I did have a few people cry... they just stood there and cried. They had 7 years to do something about it, but now it makes them cry in public. Just kidding for those on the Left. The best thing about open carry is tweaking a Liberal to the point of tears.
ISIS, no big deal... an armed law abiding American.... TERROR!

Anonymous said...

My memory is a little fuzzy these days so someone may be able to correct me on this...but, as I recall, a couple of years ago a young teen age kid in Boone was carrying a bb gun in a wooded area near town. Not firing it, just carrying it. He was arrested and charged with the "going armed to the terror" thing..
I don't know the final outcome. If anyone does know, please post a follow up.