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Saturday, January 2, 2016

What They Got--What We Got in Spending Bill

 The Washington Post
Here is what we got and what they got in the Omnibus Spending Bill:

Republican win in vote to remove the ban on oil exports. (They had to give dems some green energy and environmental stuff in return.)
This was a big win for the country.

Bipartisan win. The agreement delays three taxes.It also includes 
something that Sen. Rubio got  included, too complex for this article, but look up "risk corridors. (Could sink the entire Obamacare)

Democratic win. We lost the blocking of Syrian refugees but later will take up tighter visas.

Democratic win. Republicans were blocking money for 9/11 first responders. Dems got it passed. (Personally, I am glad we lost that one.)

Democratic win. Money will still support Planned Parenthood (another, I felt we should have left alone for now.) Republicans did get some decrease in foreign aid supporting abortion.

Bipartisan win. The legislation expanded this popular tax credit.

Democratic win. The agreement permanently extends the Child Tax Credit. This one is for low income people.

Bipartisan win. The Earned Income Tax Credit for low income.

Democratic win.

Bipartisan win

Bipartisan win. Democrats and Republicans both support measures that encourage charitable contributions from businesses and individuals. The tax agreement would permanently expand five credits.

Mixed bag. Democrats and conservative Republicans joined together to oppose any loosening of party fundraising. Republican rider prevents the IRS from cracking down on the political activities of 501 (c)(4) nonprofit groups.

Democratic win. The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent update of clean water regulations, known as the "Waters of the United States" rule. But this one is in court anyway.

Democratic win. Republicans were trying to block some of Obama deals here, but the Dems were able to block them.

Democratic win. Democrats rejected all riders that would repeal or scale back the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill and more.

Republican win. Dems were stopped in all they tried to do here.

Democratic win. Republicans did not succeed in adding riders that would affect President Obama’s executive orders regarding enforcement of immigration laws.

Sequestration eased for two years.

Leaders also released a $650 billion tax package that will extend nearly 50 tax breaks for businesses and individuals and stall portions of the Affordable Care Act.

There was no government shut down which always seriously damages Republicans. Also, Republicans promise to never let them be stalled until the last minute again and then have to give away the farm in last minute negotiations.


Wolf's Head said...

We got screwed.

They got the gold mine and we got the shaft.

Reader said...

Blogger, with those results a person would think the democrats still rule both chambers...and some are still wondering why some of us are jumping ship.

Nobody said...

Why an omnibus spending bill in December, anyway? Because since 2009, the federal government has not officially passed a budget. We're just keeping government running on "omnibus spending bill" every so often rather than follow the law and adopt an actual budget. I've been harping on this for some time. This started when Democrats held both houses of Congress and the Presidency -- Pelosi, Reid and Obama set a precedent by simply not passing a budget. When Repubs took the House, budget appropriations bills would pass the house only to die in the Senate without a vote. Now, Repubs control both chambers but don't even attempt to pass a budget knowing Obama will just veto to trigger a government shutdown which, as Blogger noted in his post, always damages Republicans more. Who won the public opinion battle between Clinton and Gingrich in the big shutdown of 1996? Who won the public opinion battle between Obama and Repubs in the last shutdown? The media ALWAYS makes shutdowns out to be the fault of conservatives and the low information voters always buy it.

Return to what the law calls for -- force our government to go through the budget process and do away with omnibus bills altogether.

Sarkazein said...

I think Ryan will surprise me and start doing everything right. He has the omnibus passed (out of the way) and he can now start working on a real budget. He will also start trying to undo many things in the omnibus spending bill including Obamacaretax and funding of the baby parts sales organization.
Also, oil and gold and silver will rise sharply starting at 7:00PM Eastern time Sunday night. Obama has screwed up the Middle East more than it has ever been screwed up before. Leading with his head in his behind.

USS Rodger Young said...

What we got. More deficit spending, bigger debt, more entitlements, and millions more dead babies. The RINOs and Dumbocrats have you exactly where they want you - under their thumb. The sheeple deserve this. One things for certain - no RINO will see the white house. The ONLY hope the Rethuglicans have is to support Cruz or even Trump. Without those two, a Rethuglican won't go in. Too many watchful conservatives to allow a RINO in office. I remember what the establishment did to Ken Cuccinnelli in Virginia (now they have massive gun control). I plan to do that to establishment Rethuglicans who are little different than Dumbocrats. Go Tea Party.