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Monday, February 29, 2016

Are You Backing Anyone Locally? If So Tell Us Why.


Cyclops said...

I am backing Jonathan Jordan for NC House for a very pragmatic reason. The Democrats in Watauga will make a concerted effort to defeat Jordan with liberal Sue Counts. Last time she carried Watauga by a small margin but lost heavily to Ashe resident Jordan. To hold this seat, the GOP needs to run up a substantial margin in Ashe. If the race is between two Watauga Countians, it could depress the GOP margin in Ashe, making a Counts win more likely.

Jordan's conservative voting record is nowhere near 100 percent, but he will support conservatives positions much more so than liberal Counts.

For State Senate, I am backing the woman from Blowing Rock who works for Samaritan's Purse, Her opponent is a community college administrator from Lenoir and my gut tells me that she will be a much more consistent conservative following in the footsteps of Dan Soucek.

Anonymous said...

Jordan is as conservative as they get! I will support him. Also I will support Deanna Ballard for state senate.
For US House I will vote for Sandra Curran over Virginia Foxx. I have been a long time Foxx supporter but can't get past her support for the Paul Ryan capitulation on the spending bill. Some compromise! We'll spend whatever Dems want on their priorities if they will support our spending whatever we want on ours! This from 'conservatives' who were elected to cut spending, reduce deficit and move toward balancing our budget.
Greg Brannan for US Senate. Burr is a sellout!
I'll stick with McCrory for another term. I'm voting for Buck Newton for Atty Genl in the hopes that we can bring some integrity to that office.
Also, I am against the bond! Let's control spending, not screw around borrowing money as an alternative to the real options; cut spending or raise taxes.

PS, Yes, I know my vote for the US Congress wont count! But, I will vote again in the June primary.

Cyclops said...

I am with you on opposing the bond issue, Anon 10:43. There seems to be an awful lot of pork and other wasteful spending in that package. However, I am supporting Foxx and Burr. Brannon has been proven to be a loser with a less than stellar reputation for honesty. He would make the seat very vulnerable to a Democrat takeover next fall. Burr has been a solid conservative Senator and is a real expert on national security issues. We need someone like him in D.C.

BTW, Jordan is not "as conservative as they get." Check out Civitas' rankings of NCGA members. He ranks quite a way down the list of most conservative voting records among NC House members.

Bill said...

I can't go with Foxx nor Burr. Both are weak followers of the GOP establishment. Doing as they are told, not ruffling feathers, not standing strong for their conservative constituency. Too bad Mark Meadows can't just assume representation of the 5th Cong. District. They are stereotypes of what is wrong with Congress and what is wrong with the likes of Boehner, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the power hungry, progressive RINOs.
Just my $0.02.

USS Rodger Young said...

Burr is a RINO liberal socialist who stands for big government, deficit spending, war in foreign countries, and oppressioin of the vanishing middle class. Couldn't think of a bigger sellout dolt than RINO Richard Burr and his slug like supporters. RINO Richard Burr chose the liberal Blowing Rock Town Council over local sportswomen and men during the now infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade. Burr loves government for the government by the government. Greg Brannon is a Tea Party member - something establishment liberals like Burr and his supporters absolutely abhor. That is reason enough to vote for Greg Brannon.

Blogger said...

I wanted to learn about local candidates who might be good for us. We already know who you don't like and we also know all about them ourselves. So from now on I only want to hear about people you recommend for us. Anybody else you want to talk about goes on the Vent page. Voting starts tomorrow you know.

Cyclops said...

When I recently looked over my absentee ballot I was at a loss to know anything about the GOP candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction (DPI). So I tried to find web sites for the three candidates.

I urge conservatives to take a look at Dr. Rosemary Stein. I was about to dismiss even considering voting for an Hispanic woman born in NYC, thinking at best she was an establishment RINO. However, she has a very impressive record of accomplishments. Speaks four different languages and has been successful in several disparate endeavors.

But the clincher for me was the fact that she is not connected in any way to the public education establishment in NC. She is actually a medical doctor who runs a clinic in Alamance County with her husband. But she does come from a long family history of educators.

IMO, nothing is needed more in the NC DPI than an outsider who is not tied to the public education bureaucracy to bring fresh thinking and to promote conservative educational reforms in public education. So she has my vote.