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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Letter sent to Sen Tillis, First Senator to Crack on SCOTUS Appointment

  Sen. Tillis, What an embarrassment to see our senator, nationally recognized as the first senator to undercut our Majority Leader McConnell without even giving him a chance to see what can be done.

I run our local blog with hundreds of readers daily. I supported you because I wanted a Republican to win. I took a beating from many of our readers who said you were a typical politician who would betray us. Now I am again taking a beating with "We told you so!"

Sen. Tillis, if you have to be the woosie of the year, as a member of the Judiciary committee, I hope you would at least consider the following: You are not just replacing a justice, you are replacing one of histories’ giants. A qualified justice doesn’t cut it. It is only right that we get a giant for a giant.

(By the way, I am supporting Trump for president. I am fed up with politicians who never show profiles of courage, but only think about the next election.)


Blogger said...

In case you have not seen this news, my letter says it all. I hope you will all e-mail Tillis. Also, I hope those of you who warned me will comment with "I told you so." JR already has.

Happily Married said...

So Tillis is actually going to do what the constitution requires and he is getting slammed for it. Of all the times everyone here has slammed Obama for not doing his constitutional job or violating the constitution, Sen Tillis is simply saying he is planning on doing the job outlined in the Constitution and he is getting slammed? The constitution indicates the POTUS is to nominate a justice and the Senate is to advise and consent - just vote. It does not mean they have to vote yes - just vote. There are two very simple constitutional duties here. the President intends to fulfill his and Sen Tillis is simply indacting that he intends to fulfill his. It does not mean he will vote yes. Hell, the POTUS might nominate Rush Limbaugh for all you chowderheads know. This is the epitome of hypocritical. Republicans simply could have said that they will wait and see who the POTUS nominates before reacting. Now they are the ones who are not doing their job and are being viewed as obstructionists - as I said - pure unadulterated hypocrisy.

Sarkazein said...

Happy wrote- "So Tillis is actually going to do what the constitution requires and he is getting slammed for it."

Not to hear Obama and Schumer tell it.

Wolf's Head said...

Congress is NOT required to replace Scalia. Nothing in the Constitution says there has to be 9 Supreme Court justices.

FER threatened to pack the court with MORE than 9 justices to get his socialist agenda thru because he was being blocked by the court.

Maybe we should only have 8, or 7 or six. Might cut down on all of the politicking going on.

Blogger said...

I'm also thinking that with only eight, they might decide four four is meaningless. Then they could start doing their job of interpreting the Constitution and cut out all the political posturing.

Wolf's Head said...

Just heard Traitor Thom TIllis quoted on NPR, they're using his quote to try and break the repub resolve against having a hearing.

Blogger said...

Wolf speaking of the media messing with our mind on NPR. Yesterday, I saw these headlines from the Washington Times: “GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick”. I said “Oh crap, now who are the traitors?” Can you believe the only senator mentioned was Tillis. They used Tillis to make it sound as if a revolt against McConnell was underway. I am sure you can see now why I freaked out. This is so embarrassing.

USS Rodger Young said...


I'm not much into "I told you so" tactics as that's pedantic serving no purpose except to act like a liberal slug. What this does do is show how far out of touch the RINO NC State Legislature truly is. They have not increased our freedom one iota. In fact, they've done the opposite. We elected Republicans to the legislature to decrease government, increase freedom and liberty, and stop all deficit spending. They are more like Democraps than Republicans!! Thom Tillis was the very first to tip the hand so to speak when he, along with Skip Stam, refused to push through pro gun legislation because it didn't "poll well." I was outraged and began scrutinizing his votes and history. Then came the NC pistol permit proposed legislation which would prevent politicians (sheriffs) from issuing a "permit" for me to exercise a Constitutional Right. Thom Tillis sided with the government AGAINST the people.

After that, I sounded the communist-traitor-in-our-midst-alarm that I use sometimes. RINO Rethuglicans, sensing Tillis was about to be outed, took advantage of Blogger's good nature by offering to "help" him with his blog. Help they did. All posts I tried to post alerting readers to Tillis' communist tendencies were deleted exactly like they are over on Watauga Watch. They didn't want the truth told!!!! They were scared of ONE PERSON!!! As soon as the election was over, New Guy exited stage left leaving Blogger to pick up the pieces. One of these pieces is Thom Tillis.

The problem is it's hard to get rid of an incumbent. Like RINO Richard Burr, Tillis will play moderate for 5 years and suddenly turn hard right during election season to pick up a few conservatives (low information types). He'll bluster and blow maybe sponsoring a pro-gun bill doomed to pre-determined failure to show his conservative bonafides. Then, after election, he'll continue to vote to increase government, oppress the proletariat (you and I), and increase spending. All the while courting corporations and making back room deals to further screw the proletariat (you and I).

Tillis is another, like RINO Burr and Virginia Foxx, who believes in government for the government by the government. Remember the Blowing Rock Land Trade for a prime example of how Tillis types operate. Finally, we have the single most important Supreme Court nomination in history; one that will change the face of the court from conservative to liberal, and the newly elected Tillis is, like Chris Christie, getting face pandering to the opposition. This isn't a mistake folks. His media bit was well planned as he's after moderate liberals in the increasingly blue North Carolina. If you think he cares about the implications of another liberal Supreme Court Justice then look no further than his 2nd Amendment record in North Carolina. You deserve what you get - my only hope is those of you who voted for him feel it in the rear when he sticks it to you without lubrication. YOU deserve this. YOU earned this. May the chains rest lightly..........

USS Rodger Young said...

I bet some of you wish the Tea Party candidate had won the NC Senate Seat. What was his name? Greg something I think.

Had he won, it is a sure bet we wouldn't be worried about Tillis selling you out (again).

Had establishment RINOs supported Ken Cuccinnelli in Virginia, the conservatives up there wouldn't be fighting off anti-gun policies presented by Governor McCauliff.

Elections have consequences. To bad low information voters still don't realize it yet.

Ted Cruz is the way to go. I might vote for Trump simply because he's screwing over the Tillis types, but I still don't like him much.

Sarkazein said...

The Founders started with 6 Supreme Court Justices.


Blogger said...

Sark, thanks for the comment on 6 Supreme Court Justices.

USS Rodger Young said...

Tillis is a traitor in our midst. And you've got 4 1/2 more years of him. Enjoy your vote.