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Monday, February 22, 2016

More New Jobs in Western North Carolina

   Governor McCrory, North Carolina Commerce Secretary John E. Skvarla, III, and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) joined executives from GF Automotive and Linamar Corporation in announcing the arrival of 350 manufacturing jobs in Henderson County during the coming five years. GF Linamar LLC, a joint venture between GF Automotive and Linamar, will invest $217 million in a new facility in the Town of Mills River in two phases over the next seven years. The company will supply light-weight powertrain, driveline and structural components to the North American automotive industry.

"Two major international manufacturers are coming together, and they’ve selected North Carolina as the destination for their innovative joint venture," said Governor McCrory. "Our hard-working, well-trained labor force and convenient proximity to leading automakers are among the many assets that make our state the ideal choice for strategic, innovation-based ventures such as GF Linamar."


Wolf's Head said...

350 Jobs is nice, but not even a drop in the bucket to what's needed.

Dickson said...

Especially considering NC just lost 1200 jobs in Rowan and Gaston Counties. Daimler Trucks just started layoffs down there and have said they'll be laying off 1200 if not more. To hear McCrory talk though, NC's having the greatest economic boom of the century. You guys missed me didn't ya?

Sarkazein said...

Just treading water in Obama's bad economy.

Anonymous said...

Job creators not doing their job.

Wolf's Head said...

"Job creators not doing their job." anon

"Job Creators"? What are they?

People go into business to make money not provide employment.

If you make money you can hire more employees to make more money.

But if you make nothing then people lose jobs.

Job creators is just establishment double speak to cover that they want gov't handouts.

Instead free the marketplace from gov't intrusion, including crony crony "capitalism".

Anonymous said...

That's different BS than the republican/Ayn Rand/Tea party BS that has been plopped out in the past.

Sarkazein said...

Anoyance 5:56 PM- It is certainly Ayn Rand... since you've never read her work you'd have no way of knowing. Tea Party proud.

It is not Comrade Sanders BS though, for sure.