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Saturday, February 6, 2016

More on Becoming a Conservative

Way back when I had never seen a Jacuzzi hot tub, my wife and I booked into a hotel that had one. We climbed in lukewarm water, looked at each other and wondered what the big deal was. Then a man walked in, flicked a switch. Suddenly we were luxuriously surrounded by deliciously hot water flowing forth from powerful jets. We were so embarrassed.

That experience has served me as a metaphor of my spiritual journey and well as my political.

For forty years of my life I sat in lukewarm Christianity. Baptized at 12 I was very active in my local church youth group. In college, like many, my faith was upended. However, after college I went back to the church. Again, I became very active and even preached the youth sermon in the famous Washington, D.C., First Baptist Church (church of presidents).

   Then it was off to seminary, preaching in churches in Eastern North Carolina and Florida while I worked on my doctorate. For a time I took side trips into Buddhism, Sufism, and Hinduism--all dead ends. Returning to the church, I became ordained as a Church of England Priest.

One day, one of my sons dared me to go with him to a Pentecostal church on the main street of Boone. Always curious,I did.  Next visit, an unexpected power surged through me like mighty Jacuzzi jets and I found myself semiconscious on the floor of that little storefront church. 

When I finally got on my feet, that power was increasing and I began pointing at people, watching them crash to the floor. As a psychologist I had to make sure it was not mass suggestion, so when a person was trying to arise on all fours I pointed my hand so they could not know it. They crashed down, pinned to the floor as power flowed from me.

In the midst of the energy surging up in me, I began to discern sounds interiorly which I later identified as the sounds of the Holy Spirit. Soon interiorly, I began to recognize God’s voice. Over the past 25 years, that voice has led me into in a very successful journey, keeping me from some near-disastrous choices--even saving my life on several occasions

It is now easy to understand the disciples. They began as doofusies, unable to understand Jesus’ teaching, even cutting and running. At Pentecost they became astounding, not only understanding, but able to move in the same power Jesus demonstrated. They never cut and ran again.

It all started when that switch was thrown at Pentecost.

What has this got to do with my Conservatism? Check around, you will discover that most all of us who have the Pentecostal experience became politically Conservative. Does it not make sense that when all that power is released in you and you actually have God Himself leading you from within, that you will adopt a political position that encourages personal empowerment?


USS Rodger Young said...

What a great post Blogger. The power of God is undeniable, and is the key to solving the current dismal state of the world. I like what you have to say, and the world is better for what happened to you at that Pentecostal Church in Boone. I like the story of you pointing a finger and causing people to "crash" to the ground as they find God. If God blesses you to do it again, please point your finger at the unclean liberal socialist sheep, having them crash down onto the un-vacuumed floor of their mom's basement so that they too may find the difficult, righteous path (Book of Matthew - "Wideth the gate and easy the way to temptation, narrow the gate and difficult the path to salvation.") Also, have you ever handled serpents? I love those pastors who put their faith to the test by handling venomous snakes. A few have died recently, but death is nothing to a Christian. Great post.

USS Rodger Young said...

Nonymouse Coward (aka Little Brau), and why would you say that. Please explain. This ought to be interesting. Blogger, looks like he hasn't hit the floor of his public housing yet. Let em have it again!

Blogger said...

RY I know you know that Anglican Priests don't handle snakes :)

Blogger said...

The Pentecostal movement is the fastest-growing component of Christendom today. They recently adopted the term “Renewalists” to represent the three key sectors of this movement, including Classical Pentecostals, Main-line Denominational Charismatics and Independent Charismatics. At present, it is estimated that these groups combined make up 584 million worldwide, or 26 percent of all Christians. Worldwide they are second only to Roman Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:09 is obviously LibPOV, back again.

USS Rodger Young said...

Yeah, your right Anoymous 4.27 - POV/PLOP! was good at a one line quip followed quickly by exiting stage left.

Blogger, good one!!!! And I'm sure you were talking about filthy pit vipers!

Anonymous said...

If I'm right, then why did you call him Little Brau? Can't tell the difference between anonoymous posters, or too stupid to realize different people can post using anonymous? Let the unending, illogical ranting begin!

Little Brau Anonymous Conservative

USS Rodger Young said...

Little Brau,

Guess that'll teach you why posting as a Nonymouse Coward isn't such a great idea. Not that you'll understand that, but it bears highlighting yet again.

Your ole pal

Bass Smith

USS Rodger Young