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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


  O.K. my man won! And O.K. he isn’t an ideological Conservative or maybe not even a pristine Republican. But here is why I stick with him, not because he is ideological, but because
he demonstrates common sense.


In my book, the military is the only legitimate role of government. It is something we cannot do for ourselves as states, locals, individuals, charities. Rebuilding the military will give him the clout that fits his personality to deal with other countries. Even if he does not do it for ideological reasons, he will do it because he obviously understands why he must.


He is correct. We cannot have a country without it. Again it is the federal government’s responsibility for protecting us.


I believe his common sense will have him doing what successful past presidents have done. He will lower taxes, and get rid of onerous regulations. His business acumen will create a climate for manufacturing to explode and make us attractive for job makers to come home and bring their money back from overseas. He knows how to deal with those other countries to force them to "let our people go" and stop screwing us.


Although he may not cut costs for ideological reasons, I believe his common sense business mind will eventually make him address the too costly, duplicative, and even totally unnecessary social programs. I believe he might even do the same with entitlements. In our modern world, entitlements are now poorly designed for what they need to do. Also, they are wasteful, poorly managed and rife with corruption. And, even again, although it won’t be for ideological reasons, I also believe his business mind will create a better health program.



Sarkazein said...

Mark Levin did a commentary from an article on how much Bernie Sanders and TRUMP are the same in their political view of government being the answer. Like the the American communists who believe communism failed only because of who was administering it, Sanders and TRUMP believe that if only they were running government all things could be fixed by their own brand of centralized government.

Sarkazein said...

To add- The Bernie supporters, in fact, and possibly the TRUMP supporters are looking to those candidates to execute government in a way that will solve all their problems.

Blogger said...

Not only was Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump victorious in the New Hampshire Republican primary election Tuesday, he was also the candidate most heavily favored by self-identified evangelical voters.

CNN exit polls show that about 27 percent of self-identified born-again Christians voted for Trump.

The evangelical voters, who made up about 25 percent of the total Republican vote in the state, also heavily supported Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who earned about 23 percent of the evangelical vote.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio came in third among evangelical voters, garnering about 13 percent of their vote.

South Carolina, here we come!

Anonymous said...


Hate is an easy sell to lazy thinkers

Wolf's Head said...

"Hate is an easy sell to lazy thinkers' nony ass

Sure works for democrats.

Cyclops said...

Today Trump attacked Ted Cruz as a liar and unstable. At Saturday's night debate, he said George W. Bush lied about WMD in Iraq and implied that Bush was culpable for the 9/11 attacks. And GOP voters are about to nominate him as their Presidential candidate? That would be Incredibly self destructive!

I can't believe informed and dedicated conservatives are sticking with this guy for President. The worst case and most likely scenario is that Hillary or Bernie defeat him in a electoral landslide taking out many strong conservatives and turning the Senate and the Supreme Court over to liberal Democrats for the next generation.

The best case scenario is that, if he were to pull off a monumental upset and be elected, he would compromise or outright reject conservative positions on such issues as abortion, Planned Parenthood, the federal minimum wage, gun control, campaign financing, big labor and federal taxes. His biggest threat to the future of the conservative moment would be his appointments to the Supreme Court. There is absolutely no evidence that he has any core principles or appreciation of conservative legal tenants that would lead him to choose a strong conservative jurist for the Court.

Even in the area of international relations, his xenophobia and ultra nationalism could easily lead to trade wars that would wreak havoc on the U.S economy and cause economic chaos abroad.

C'mom folks, wise up! Your short-term glee that you have defeated the "establishment" will turn into long-term regret that you followed none other than a modern day Pied Piper right over the proverbial political cliff.

Sarkazein said...

Whatever happens, Reagan's don't speak ill of fellow Republicans is certainly being put to the test.

In this thread Cyclops tells of TRUMP's unbelievable attack on CRUZ and TRUMP's Michael Moore-like attack on W then he (Cyclops) goes on to use words like "xenophobia and ultra nationalism" to describe something that is neither but sounds like one of the hard-core liberals who comment here.

We are in a political Twilight Zone.

Cyclops said...

Sark, Do you believe Donald Trump as President can be relied upon to pursue conservative positions on the following:

Abortion and Gay Marriage
Climate Change
Federal Minimum Wage
Public funding of Planned Parenthood
Gun control
Campaign financing
Federal labor laws
The federal deficit
Supreme Court Appointments
Federal tax cuts
Medical Care and Health Ins
Affirmative Action
Common Core
Individual Property Rights
States' Rights

Ok, he may take strong conservative positions on illegal immigrants and international trade. Hopefully, he would support the Trans Canada pipeline and rescind some of the more egregious EPA regulations. But there is no evidence he would pursue a consistent conservative agenda in other crucial policy areas. And even on illegal immigrants, his promises for mass deportations and having Mexico pay for a border wall will never happen.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- No, I don't think he is anywhere close to being Conservative. He is a populist. He, as most billionaires, have had an entourage of smoke blowers probably since childhood. He believes his own BS. He's Obama but with testosterone instead of estrogen.
I do not believe he is either "xenophobia" or "ultra nationalism". I do believe if as President, he decides to go to war, it will be the most terrific war ever. Everyone will love his war. He will make the enemy kill themselves and bury themselves.

Sarkazein said...

For assault weapon ban, waiting period, & background check

I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.
Source: The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p.102 , Jul 2, 2000

Sarkazein said...

TRUMP on fix of Obamacaretax- CLICK HERE

You'll love it, the sick will cure themselves and the Canadians will pay for it.

Bill said...

So Trump gets 35% of the vote, let's say.
That means the anti-Trump vote is 65%. As the field narrows, my guess is enough will migrate to whoever is the last antitrump left standing. Or at least enough for 51%.

Cyclops said...

Sark, I appreciate your reply to my questions re Trump, however I should have addressed them to Blogger, who is apparently the main Trump supporter on the blog.

And to be honest, I support the conservative position in all of the areas I listed, except for international trade. On that issue, and that issue alone, I plead guilty to supporting the moderate or "GOP "establishment" position. I believe the international trade agreements entered into to date are a great boon to the American economy and Trump's predilection to start trade wars with China and Mexico would have devastating consequences for the U.S. and the world economy.

I am originally from Texas and have seen the economic benefits that Texas has enjoyed from NAFTA. I also think the country as a whole has benefitted, though not as much as Texas. With Cruz being from Texas, I can't believe he'd try to start a trade war with Mexico and negate the positive economic impacts of NAFTA.

With regard to Trump , when I hear him suggest that Mexican illegal immigrants are murderers and rapists, and when I hear him want to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S,, that meets my definition of xenophobic. I know it's an overused slur from those on the left, but sometimes we need to call a spade a spade, even if he is purported to be on our side.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- TRUMP said there are murderers and rapists entering our country illegally from Mexico... and there are. It's not xenophobic, it's fact.
The Mexican and El Salvadorian gangs are growing fast with murderers and rapists illegally entering our country, many of them part of the "children" crossing illegally.

TRUMP said he wanted to ban Muslims from entering our country until we figure out what's going on with this mass refugee/migration going on in the Muslim world. He's right. A huge percentage of Muslims refugees, immigrants legal and illegal already living here prefer the US be under Shari'ah Law. That's a problem. It is like people escaping to the US from Germany in WW2 and saying they would rather live under Nazism.

The "xenophobia and Ultra-nationalism", which it is not, reads like the Liberals when they say you are racist if you disagree with Obama or you are "homophobe" if you don't think the Court should be allowed to change the definition of marriage.

Cyclops said...

Sark, the way you spin Trump's comments, they seem quite reasonable. However, at the time, Trump did not qualify his assertions like you just did. Yes, there are murders and rapists among the gang leaders that illegally cross our borders. But he lumped all Mexicans, many of whom work in low wage jobs like gardeners, bus boys, waiters, ag workers and perform hard labor in building and construction, together. And I really don't think he tried very hard to walk back his initial condemnation of illegal Latinos.

With regard to Muslims, you don't have to be a legal scholar to know that you can't keep people from coming here based on their religion. Now it would have been fortuitous for Trump to call for a temporary ban on foreign nationals from a particular country such as Syria. That would have been an appropriate policy position, but that's not what Trump has advocated. Sorry, but these outlandish positions suggest to many (and not just liberals), that he may be xenophobic.

And his predilection for policies that could start trade wars with Mexico, China and some of our other trading partners suggest the possibility that he is an ultra nationalist rather than just a demagogic politician.

Blogger said...

Cyclops do you have to call someone phobic? Phobic is a psychiatric diagnosis. It implies the person has a mental illness

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- I am not spinning for TRUMP. Here's the tape CLICK HERE. He mentions that there are some good people too, but the Mexicans and OTMs that come here illegally are typically not Mexico's best and brightest. The best and brightest Mexicans and OTMs come here legally or they stay there. I don't know how long you lived in Texas, but you must not have been paying attention. Look at the stats for Latinos in Texas county jails and prisons... it's YOUGE! as TRUMP would say. And all who came here illegally broke our laws.
One of the populist things people like about TRUMP is his non-PC comments. Most every war and most every terrorist attack is Muslim. The rapes are so bad in Europe now because of Muslims. The religion requires you live under Shari'ah which is an assault on democracy. Yes, common sense says you can and should use religion in this case.
The trade war was started by China and by Mexico already. Mexico sends its economic refugees here and they send their money back to Mexico. TRUMP is saying, let's defend ourselves instead of bending over and taking it in the shorts.
The UN should be taking over Mexico for treating its people so bad they have to risk their lives getting here. The UN should be setting up safe zones for Fleeing Muslims from Muslim countries and fleeing Mexicans and OTMs.

Blogger said...

Sark, thanks. I think you like Cruz but you have just done a bang up job for my man. Better than I could do. I am just fed up with politicians and am willing to take a flyer on someone with different abilities--warts and all.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops you wrote- "But he lumped all Mexicans, many of whom work in low wage jobs like gardeners, bus boys, waiters, ag workers and perform hard labor in building and construction, together."

Do you think all criminals are unemployed? Probably most of the illegal alien criminals in our jails and prisons have a resume listing one or more of the jobs you listed. Violence against cops by illegals is so bad, there is a bumper sticker in Texas that says "Buy A Lawnmower Save A Cop".

Cyclops said...

Wow Sark, I am all for cracking down on illegal immigrants, but you last post is really over the top. You must believe that most illegals are violent criminals. I think most are hard working and willing to take low wage jobs that most Americans wouldn't want. I just don't want them to receive government benefits or be able to vote in U.S. elections. If we could stop illegals from receiving government benefits and from taking jobs here, most would "self deport" back to their home countries.

Cyclops said...

Blogger said:
Cyclops do you have to call someone phobic? Phobic is a psychiatric diagnosis. It implies the person has a mental illness.

What term would you prefer I use, Blogger? I am open to suggestion.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- It matters not how high the percentage of illegal aliens are criminals. They are here illegally. If you had people illegally breaking into your house, some to clean it, some to paint it, some to rob it, some to rape you, some to murder you, would you continue to leave your doors unlocked so that you wouldn't have to do the dishes?

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- If the government didn't pay all these benefits, starvation would become the great motivator once again. "Americans" would then have to take the jobs "nobody wants", just as they have through out our history... myself included. These jobs would pay better if we didn't have a false economy led by illegal alien wages.

One of the problems with the conversation is the Left's use of the term "all". Even TRUMP said- " Build a wall.." he also said to build a "beautiful door in it".... where people could enter legally. The Left, the POPE, and even you leave that out for effect. It is lying by omission. Same with the Muslim thing. TRUMP, and others, say stop immigration from Muslim countries until we figure out what's going on and get better at checking people out (San Bernardino)... that becomes... TRUMP hates Muslims and wants to discriminate against religion.

Cyclops said...

Sark, No, I am all for legal immigration and also support temporary work permits for foreign workers. And I agree with you about all those government benefits. But its way too late to eliminate our social welfare programs.

You claim Americans would take jobs nobody wants, just as they have throughout our history. But that's not quite the case.

Cheap foreign labor has been a mainstay of the American economy throughout our history. It started, of course, with slavery. Chinese workers were imported to work on the transcontinental railroad. Irish immigrants were employed in many low wage jobs in the Northeast. Even in recent years, Mexican labor has been an essential workforce for American agriculture. And ask local Christmas tree farm owners how they would grow and harvest their trees without employing foreign labor. I doubt they could persuade many unemployed residents of Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston or Durham to take low wage seasonal jobs on local Christmas tree farms.

The notion that illegals are taking low wage jobs from American workers is largely a myth.

Blogger said...

According to his former senior advisor and close confidante Roger Stone, Donald Trump doesn’t button up his jacket during public appearances because he is always wearing a bullet proof vest. The Left must really fear him winning. He gets an amazing number of death threats including bounties put on him by drug lords.

Anonymous said...

A few conservatives have it out for him too:

Sarkazein said...

I heard of a Mafia connection with TRUMP. But, anyone doing big business in NYC has to do business with the unions/MAFIA.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- You are missing my point. If we had not become a welfare state, people would take whatever job was available. If they didn't, no problem with me... I'm not supporting them through my taxes. The difference between a free country and a communist country is you can chose to work or not but you just might starve and in a communist country you will work or you will be put in prison. We are in a quasi-socialist state. If you won't work we will support you or we will support your momma or your grandmother who will support you. It is having very bad results in our society.

Cyclops said...

Sark: I don't know what point of yours I am "missing." I don't disagree with your last comment, but it's too late to reverse the welfare state. We can now only hope to contain it. My point was that the American economy has always relied on cheap foreign labor to do jobs Americans don't want, long before the welfare state, and that's still the case today. I would just prefer that they work here legally.

But back to the problem with Trump for Blogger. Latest favorability poll shows 60 percent of the voting public disapprove of Trump. That includes me. And 54 percent say they would NEVER consider voting for him. I would against Hillary or Sanders, but with much trepidation that he would cause a major economic calamity if he won.

That 54 percent is a huge disadvantage to start with. Polls now show Clinton would beat Trump handily, but Rubio would beat her handily. As a long time conservative activist, my first priority is, and always has been, to defeat the liberal Democrats, rather than support someone who can stick it to the "GOP establishment."

Blogger said...

“Since my son was dead, I pretty much gave up on being happy,” Jamiel Shaw said after his son was murdered by two illegal aliens. Then came a surprise. Donald Trump asked to meet with Shaw in person.
“To see somebody, especially a billionaire, come out. I can’t even get a neighborhood politician to come out, that’s why it’s so surreal to me,” Shaw said. People are looking at immigration as just an immigration issue, but people are dying. It’s a fact. What good is the economy, healthcare, going to school, if people are dying?” he asked. “Trump is doing things he doesn’t have to do. He can buy a whole island and get away from crime.”
“This was the first time I thought everything’s really gonna be all right. To me, he was sent from God.”

Sarkazein said...

It would be awful to suffer such a loss and have someone say, " I'm sorry for your loss, but I couldn't get anyone to mow my lawn."

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- Would you say this is a growing problem? Look at the graph, then think about how many anchor babies are included who get government help. CLICK HERE How can you say it is too late. IKE did it with operation Wet Back. TRUMP can do it with operation Wet Back Dos.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- Here is another graph showing how many illegals are here. Compared with the other graph showing how many are "returned", you can see how the problem is enormous. Again, not counting the anchor babies. CLICK HERE

Cyclops said...

Sark, I don't deny it's a problem, perhaps a growing problem But with Hillary as President, it will get much worst. Again, my first priority is to defeat the Democrats and keep a liberal from becoming President. My second priority is to support the most conservative candidate that has a reasonable chance of winning. That's not Trump or Cruz.

Sarkazein said...

Cyclops- Up against a elderly Socialist or a Marxist thugess might require something more than the run of the mill candidate. If polls weren't showing Democrats turning Socialist by the hoards, I might agree with you. It just might take a populist this time to win. Whether or not that will be any better, I don't know.

Blogger said...

"Unauthorized immigrant" instead of illegal immigrant. Interesting new terminology. Maybe the PC police won’t wet their pants on this one.

Sarkazein said...

If TRUMP wins, it will prove that ANYONE can become President of the United States because TRUMP is one low class SOB. Reagan is spinning at 9.9 on the Richter scale.

Sarkazein said...

I am going to buy stock in Phenergan and Compound W. just to be able to stand in the voting booth long enough to vote for TRUMP.

Sarkazein said...

trump says CRUZ is the biggest liar he's ever seen. This means trump thinks Hillary (his fellow liberal) is more honest then CRUZ. This means trump thinks "Little Nicky" Scarfo (who he has had business dealings with) is more honest than CRUZ. Do we have our own Old Joe (Biden) now in trump, or is trump one who will say or do anything to win... or is he a big liar?
What CRUZ said this time about trump is exactly what trump said himself.

Rhodesian Darkie said...