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Friday, February 26, 2016

Preparing for the Two Super Tuesdays

   Our number one commenter Sarkazien, posted a list of his presidential choices. So, here is my list. First there is Trump with everything we need at this time, a giant among four little dwarfs. He does not need the job. He is not a politician always scheming about the next election. He has accomplished great things of the type that equip him for the job. We all should be grateful that such a talented person would be willing to step out of the private sector and offer himself and all his talents to make this country great again.

 Rubio clutches under pressure and has a tell in that he sweats profusely when under pressure. May have a serious medical condition. He is no match for our enemies. Besides that, he is too youthful–has no experience for such a time as this. Has to rehearse his lines before a debate, so doesn’t think well on his feet. Has shown himself to be more interested in running for president than doing his job in the Senate for the people of Florida. 

Cruz alienates his colleagues just like Obama and like Obama he is too much of an ideologue to be flexible when needed and like Obama he will not be able to get anything done. Also, like Obama he is a first term senator. And like Obama, he has never accomplished anything in life that would qualify him to be a leader.

Kasich is the best prepared, with the best proven ideas of them all. But he is another girly man politician which we cannot afford at a time like this.

Carson, solid conservative, but I don’t know what he imagines he is doing running for president.

Sark I will post yours if you want to tell us how you justify your list.


Blogger said...

You inspire us all,” Pat Robertson told Donald Trump during an appearance at Regent University in Virginia

Sarkazein said...

Blogger- My list was after the debate and how I thought the candidates placed in that debate. Last night was the first complete debate I had watched. I did have a change of heart but didn't change my list. I think Kasich tied with Rubio.
There is no way to beat trump because he can say anything he wants to say anytime he wants to say it. His FU money is now political capital I guess. There are videos of trump saying things CRUZ accuses him of saying and trump just denies he ever said it then calls CRUZ a liar.
I have to ask Pat Robertson, who is "all"?
I am reminded of the Presidential debates between FORD and Carter. Carter would answer a 'how' question with - "Trust me". trump is the same way, but with a NYC accent instead.
I do have to say, I have never liked trump. When I first ever heard of him, it is when he was going bust. The banks, because he owed so much money, couldn't let him go bankrupt... he was too big to fail and still cocky. So they put him on an allowance. He just has too much baggage for me to support him as President.

I will do my list of choices too:

1. CRUZ 2. Carson 3. Kasich 4. Rubio 5. Sanders 6. Hillary 7. Bloomberg (sp) 8. Sharpton 9. Farachan 10. Michael Moore

Anonymous said...

Crazy is the winner in the Republican Party.

Cyclops said...

Trump is a classic demagogue whose nomination will result in liberal election gains across the Nation. Rubio has it right--a political con artist with little substantive knowledge of public policy and the temperament of a carnival barker. I sincerely hope that I am wrong about liberal gains if Trump heads the GOP ticket and I will be the first to admit it if he leads the GOP to victory in November. But I hope delusional conservatives will remember in November that I told you so. It could be a very costly lesson a la Goldwater in '64.

And even if he were to upset Hillary, his reign would not be much better. Most of his over-the-top ideas would never see fruition, but his economic nationalism, if pursued, would surely lead to an economic calamity. Four years of a disastrous Trump Presidency would lead to a major rejection of Republicans and conservatives in the next two national elections. In short, there is likely a heavy short-term cost to a Trump nomination and there will be a long-term cost if he should he defy the odds and win in November,

Wolf's Head said...

"Trump is a classic demagogue whose nomination will result in liberal election gains across the Nation. " Cyclops

Trump is a demagogue, but what will result in liberal election gains across the country are weak spined, traitorous, manipulative lying republican candidates like Traitor Tillis and that useless sack of protoplasm Burr.

Establishment elitists are in trouble on both sides of the cow flop that is the democrat and republican parties.

Honest Debate said...

I remember more than one commenter in 2012 saying they would sit it out before they voted for Romney, we all know how that ended. But now I'm hearing many establishment types saying they will sit it out before they vote for Trump. My question is, which group is bigger?

Personally I will vote for the Republican and will not sit it out. I am pretty much settled on Cruz as my candidate but he's in the same boat, more or less, than Trump.

Sarkazein said...

I can't see myself ever "sitting this one out" either.

Sarkazein said...

If trump does buy and insult his way into the nomination, he better have a really good choice of VP and a real bad cold on election day, just to make me feel better.

Anonymous said...

You will, quite literally, sell your soul and dignity to vote for a candidate that you know will do you irreparable harm.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 8:47 PM- Who are you asking?

USS Rodger Young said...

Funny how establishment RINO thugs patronized true conservatives during the McCain and Romney campaigns telling them to go ahead and support McCain and Romney. To do otherwise was met with skepticism and outrage. Well, turnabout is fair play. Remember Ken Cuccinnelli in Virginia - I won't forget what RINOs did to Cuccinnelli 4 years ago.

I detest seeing that idiot Carl Rove on Faux News blathering about Marco Rubio or Kasich being viable candidates. I thought Rove was finished 4 years ago, but we have this fat arsed slug plaguing us still. What a dolt. RINOs had Congress and the Presidency both under Bush. They frittered it away. Sort of like the RINOs in the NC Legislature are pissing away opportunity to increase my freedom and liberty. Instead, I understand tax increases are the order of the day!!!!! I remember a couple years back, the NC Legislature RINOs mentioned a tax increase which was met by a lukewarm outcry, so they passed it on the down low. NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RINOS and DEMOCRATS. Heck, the Democrats in the NC legislature were actually BETTER than what we have now. Tillis is a prime example.

RINO Rethuglicans are no different than run of the mill Democrats. This is why Trump is kicking ass. People are sick of it, yet we continue to have establishment RINOs like Rove who believe dolts like Rubio or Kasich stand a chance. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

But Trump's position on eminent domain would have him in agreement with Virginia Foxx on the Blowing Rock land deal. Are you ready to support him?

Honest Debate said...
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Honest Debate said...

I've never understood the phrase, "lessor of two evils". The choice is the choice, you make the best one.

Cyclops said...

Wolf's Head Said:
"Establishment elitists are in trouble on both sides of the cow flop that is the democrat and republican parties."

Do you really think Richard Burr is "in trouble" in the upcoming primary? He will win handily. Virginia Foxx could have primary problems now that it is set for June 7. There will be a very low turnout and she has new district boundaries with all of Winston-Salem now included. Inclusion of Avery County could offset some of her lost areas and most of the new W-S voters are probably registered Democrats and won't vote in a GOP primary. So it's good bet the so-called "establishment elitists" will win the primary and the General, barring a catastrophic Trump campaign.

USS Rodger Young said...

nonymouse coward,

What "eminent domain" are you talking about? Blowing Rock never used eminent domain during the infamous Blowing Rock Land Trade. They used taxpayer money to purchase land that the public didn't know they were purchasing. Since you didn't listen the 93 other times I explained this; the Town of Blowing Rock Town Council members purchased 190 acres of land well outside of Blowing Rock as the parcel sat directly in the viewshed of a few council members who lived in the prestigious Mayview Section of Blowing Rock. They purchased the 190 acres to protect the viewsheds of town councilmembers, with no plan of what to do with the land after they purchased it. When local sportswomen found out what was going on, they blew the whistle which caused the town to sell the land to the nature conservancy which then worked out a deal with Virginia Foxx to then trade the land to the Park Service (which didn't want the deal in the first place).

As you can see, no eminent domain here - just crooked politics. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before posting one line quips that serve nothing more than to show your ignorance. LOL. Stings don't it.

Blogger said...

Besides Christie, we have sen Jeff sessions and former GOv Brewer. All aboard!

USS Rodger Young said...

Looks like nonymouse coward has been silenced!!! LOL!!!!