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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Republicans Cutting Through the Lying Media

   By The Federalist Staff

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-K.Y.) has vowed to block any of lame-duck President Obama’s Supreme Court nominations.

  The problem for Republicans will be to get through the left-wing media fog and explain things to the uninformed and the misinformed. Right now the media is telling people that Republicans’ actions are unprecedented. They are not.

To begin with, it has been 80 years since a lame-duck president appointed a SCOTUS judge. Also, there have been extended periods with only eight. It really isn’t a year without the ninth judge. The court typically winds down in a couple of months and then comes back for a few months in October. Not only have there been several lengthy Supreme Court vacancies, but there are plenty of past instances when senators refused to confirm a president’s nominations.

Here are 5 recent times Democrats were blocking Republican Supreme Court nominees, including once by Obama himself.  

1. In 2003, afraid he would be elevated to the Supreme Court, the Democrats filibusted and blocked Miguel Estrada for 28 months!

2. In 2006 then-Senator Barack Obama himself supported the Democratic-led filibuster to stop Justice Samuel Alito from making it to the Supreme Court.

3. In 2007, Sen Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said that President George W. Bush shouldn’t get to pick Supreme Court justices because Schumer was afraid the bench leaned too far Right. Schumer made this remark a whole 19 months before the next president was inaugurated.

4. Ted Kennedy and others told so many lies about Ronald Reagan’s nominee Robert Bork that a new word came into the vocabulary–Borking. Joe Biden, head of the Judiciary Committee, even wrote a playbook for how to "bork" a Supreme Court nominee, a descriptive verb that now means to publicly pillory a nominee’s reputation to make it politically difficult for senators to vote for them.

5. After that, Democratic groups vowed to "bork" Justice Clarence Thomas, George H.W. Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court. They failed, but the personal attacks on Thomas were brutal.


Whitey said...

Obama isn't attending Justice Scalia's funeral.

Guess that another old dead white guy isn't worth his presence.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he sent flowers and a vegetable tray to the house.

Sarkazein said...

The goofy WH spokesman said he wasn't privy to the President's Saturday schedule. Liar. TRUMP should sue him.

USS Rodger Young said...

I'm very unhappy with Trump's stance on the Apple Phones. It appears as if Trump is siding with the government (FBI) saying the phones should have software written into them that will allow the good ole government access. The mainstream media is siding with Trump on this which should tell you something. Trump is choosing government over the proletariat. Be interesting to see if Cruz gets a boost over this or if the sheeple swallow this as they did the NDAA and Patriot Act.

Will said...

At least get your definitions correct. Lame duck: an official (especially the president) in the final period of office, AFTER the election of a successor.

Sarkazein said...

Also defined as - an ineffectual or unsuccessful person or thing.

Covers both Obama's

Anonymous said...

Ineffectual and unsuccessful?? Surely, you jest.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymous 9:26 AM- He was billed as the great uniter. Deficit spending and adding to an $8 trillion dollar national debt is "unpatriotic". He was going to make your healthcare (insurance premiums) more affordable.

But yes, I get it.... many think his treachery is purposeful thus successful and effective.

Anonymous said...


Sarkazein said...