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Monday, February 15, 2016

Senator Chuck Schumer in 2007 on Appointing Justices During Election Year


Wolf's Head said...

I would have thought that being a blog called Watauga Conservative there would have been some posting about the loss of Justice Scalia, who was a true Patriot and who had fought many battles on our behalf.

requiescat in pace

Cyclops said...

He was a great intellect and his loss is a huge blow to the conservative cause. The future of the Court now becomes even more dependent on who is elected next November. Why do conservative justices expire so suddenly and liberal ones hang on for what seems like an eternity?

Cyclops said...

Here's my take on what the Senate should do regarding Scalia's replacement. Negotiate with Obama to have him nominate the least liberal judge that can be considered a "moderate." Hold hearings on the nomination, but hold off on a confirmation vote until after the results of the November elections are known.

If Hillary or Sanders win and the GOP loses the Senate, go ahead and confirm the moderate Obama nominee, as Hillary or Bernie will nominate an ultra liberal that might be confirmed by the Senate.

If Republicans gain the Presidency (and no doubt would probably keep control of the Senate), reject Obama's nominee so a new GOP President can nominate a conservative to replace Scalia.

Wolf's Head said...

Or don't fill the seat.

Nothing says there has to be 9 justices.

USS Rodger Young said...

The loss of Scalia is worse than obummer winning the Presidency. It was one of those events that caused the stomach to tighten followed by the urge to throw up. The liberal sheep are licking their half rotten chops right now. The Bill of Rights in in jeopardy as is the ultra important 4th Appellate Court ruling AGAINST Maryland's Assault Weapons Ban. Maryland was deciding if they would appeal the ruling, and now, undoubtedly, they will. This was going the way gun owners wanted it to until Scalia died. Bad times a coming folks.