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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

After Belgium, Time to Read This Book

The Secure Freedom Strategy ,A plan for victory over the global jihad movement
On Amazon Kindle $2.99, used $5.25, New $6.46.
It is time to get informed.


Whitey said...

Screw islam and it's leftist supporters and enablers.

Johnny Rico said...

This (Brussels) is what you get when you drop "smart" bombs on Iraq and Afghanistan. We did not destroy an enemy. In fact we did not destroy anything except 6000 American lives. What good did losing those 6000 do? Carpet bombing and subjugating an enemy to your will is the only thing the goat herders understand. Another thing we didn't do is deport Muslims. Europe didn't either. Instead, we opened our borders to MORE American hating goat herders. The fact anyone is surprised that tragedies like Brussels occur is concerning. What did they think would happen? Until we actually fight extremist Muslims, more of this will occur. To think otherwise is naïve. Deport all illegal aliens and Muslims.

Sarkazein said...

Brussels and others burn as Obama DANCES THE NIGHT AWAY.

Sarkazein said...