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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Donald Trump Defender of the Faith and Junk Yard Dog

In "Defender of the Faith" in this week’s Watauga Democrat, Charles Krauthammer nails the reason Trump is winning us evangelicals. In words that jumped
from the page, Krauthammer wrote "Trump pledged: "We're going to protect Christianity."
Interesting choice of words. Not just Christians, but Christianity itself. "What Trump promises is to stand outside the churchyard gates and protect the faithful inside. He's the Roman centurion standing between them and both barbarians abroad and aggressive secularists at home.

The message is clear: I may not be one of you. I can't recite or even correctly cite Scripture. But I will patrol the borders of Christendom on your behalf. After all, who do you want out there — a choir boy or a tough guy with a loaded gun?

Evangelicals answered resoundingly. They went for Trump in a rout."

(My words in italics) Christians are under siege from a president who admits he thrills at the sounds of the adhan, or Islamic call to prayer of his childhood. As you know, that call is not to worship our Lord Jesus, but to worship a Mesopotamian god which carries an eternal death sentence for us. Also, we Christians are under siege from the new religion of the secular political correct jihadists.

In a similar vein, in a recent WSJ article speaking of the establishment jihad against us Trump supporters, Peggy Noonan writes: The establishment  "will prove to Trump supporters that what they think is true—their guy is the only one who will stand up to the establishment, so naturally the establishment is trying to kill him. And Trump supporters don’t seem to have that many illusions about various aspects of his essential character. One of them told me he’s "a junkyard dog."

They think his character is equal to the moment."

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Wolf's Head said...

This says it all.

Our country is being destroyed by the elites.