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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One of Our Smart Anons Explains Part of His Trump Vote

I voted for Trump today.
I was pretty much undecided until
recently. Trump vs Cruz. I was leaning a little bit toward Cruz until Romney decided he could speak for the Republican Ruling Class and tell us little people to sabotage the leading GOP candidate, Trump. If he had come out in favor of a particular candidate that would be one thing. But, to disregard Reagan's 11th commandment and use his soapbox not to endorse a candidate, but instead, attack the leading Republican candidate, is offensive to me. Romeny's attack will probably not harm Trump in the primaries but will certainly not be helpful come the general election.

So, Screw you Romney. I'm sorry I voted for you in 2012. I hope that, in some small way, my vote for Trump today will offset that mistake.
Blogger added...
Important point Anonymous, in Florida,this constant loser does robo calls saying vote for Rubio. In Michigan he says vote for Kasich. That is pure evil and if the Republican party splits and is lost for many years to come, Romney will be part of the cause.


Retro said...

The American political process does not suffer fools lightly! Hillary as President and Obama with a lifetime seat on SCOTUS.

Sarkazein said...

"Smart" Anonymous- Romney does something you don't like so you get mad at CRUZ ? This is one crazy primary. I even heard someone call CRUZ establishment! Trump is the only one who says he wants to be part of the "ruling class".