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Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Commenters Inform Me That God Has No Right to the Little Piece of Land Called Israel

The Bible is a supernatural revelation about a supernatural realm, only to be understood supernaturally. To give an example when Jesus asked Peter who He, Jesus was, Peter replied that He was the Christ. Jesus enthusiastically informed Peter the revelation had not come to him through Peter’s natural mind but through revelation from the Father. There are other examples of disciples having their supernatural understanding suddenly opened.
There are times when some of us on this blog tell others that we make sense of events by knowing the Bible. They let us know that our sense is nonsense to them. So we talk past each other.
Recently, I was asked why Israel meant so much to us Bible followers. Acknowledging that my response will be gobbledegook to some, I still will try.
Go back with me to what happened after Babel. At that point, Yahweh gave up on the human race. Turning the world over to us, He then divided the world into 70 parts, placing elohims over each part. They were called the Watchers and were supposed to watch over us.
Instead, many set themselves up as gods to be worshiped. They caused a lot of the evil in the world.
To rescue the planet, Yahweh took one tribe, Israel and led them against the evil elohims, into the one area He claimed for Himself. (Here is where it gets interesting because there are commenters on this blog who unabashedly pronounce that Yahweh had no right to take this one small piece of land for Himself and His chosen people.)
Anyway, you know the story. Yahweh informed His people one thing mattered. Worship Him and Him only. Have nothing to do with the other elohims nor with their worshipers.
As you know the people of Israel failed and as a result were dispersed over the entire planet.
But meanwhile Yahweh started a new strategy to regain foothold. This time instead of taking physical land from His enemies, He established His Kingdom within His believers.
Nearly two thousand years passed and then He fulfilled His promise and brought Israel back to His little piece of land. Naturally, the elohims all over that area roused their followers to push back. (Again, we have our commenters who say Yahweh had no right to the land and deserves the push back His chosen are getting.)
So what is next? Eschatology. The last great battle. At this point I am away from my expertise. But as I understand it, the current plan of ISIS (the true believers), is to create horror. Scandalized, the armies of Israel and of Rome (their term) will be lured into a battle. At which point their elohim will attack and defeat us. Then all the world will worship their elohim.
Of course our Book gives a different version. Our Elohim of Elohims will come forth at the head of a powerful army of elohims. Also in the army, there will be Christians who have been training in Heaven as well as all those on earth who have been trained since Jesus’s time to fight elohims supernaturally. The defeated elohims will be imprisoned and we will have a long period of peace. Then He shall reign for ever and ever. Hallelujah.
What makes Israel important? It’s Yahweh’ jumping off place.
(For background see Psalm 82 1-8; Deut 32:8 ESV; Deut 11:12


Anonymous said...

Does this mean spring comes earlier if yahwey see it's shadow?

Wolf's Head said...

What's that smell?

Oh another drex fart.

Johnny Rico said...

Wolf's Head, isn't it interesting how liberal socialist sheep have no problem insulting the Christian religion while at the same time incessantly preaching on the importance of respecting and honoring other religions. I've NEVER heard a liberal socialist sheep like nonymous coward, disrespect allah or budah or Muhammad, but I witness them speak against Jesus Christ our one and only Savior. The really ironic part of all this, is Christians give them a pass each time. Do that to the moo-slims, and they might try to kill you. What a bunch of idiots. Hypocrisy squared.

Blogger said...

JR, This is my take on the attack on Jesus’ followers and the fawning over the other elohims. We know the New Testament identifies the renegade elohims as the “rulers of this world.” We also know that they know their time is short and Jesus will be coming for them soon. Remember when Jesus cast out some of them, startled, they cried out “Have you come before your time?”

Therefore, we would not expect they would put their spiritual energy behind attacking themselves. However they would put spiritual energy behind blocking Jesus as long as they can. Right now, the most obvious ploy is to put spiritual energy behind political correctness. Push Jesus out of awareness. Make good evil and evil good.