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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our Very Informed Wolf's Head Explains Why He Voted for Trump Today

 I voted today, and FINALLY I had to show an ID to do so, said Wolf's Head

And after much consideration, I voted for Trump.

It really came down to the following.

1. He wants a one page tax return with a simplified code for everyone. About damn time.

2. He wants to force competition in health care and pharmaceuticals using existing laws that would reduce costs by 80 PERCENT! No one else, especially a liberal, has any desire to cut costs.

3. He wants tariffs on foreign goods. About damn time. Other countries use their gov'ts to
give them advantages over US workers, companies and goods. The BEST way would be to replace the income tax with a flat rate national sales tax so all goods have the same tax burden, but this will do, for now.

4. He loves America and wants us to be first. Not "equal" to every goat raping society around the world but FIRST. No apology tours. About damn time.

5. It leaves Ted Cruz open for a Supreme Court appointment, I can't wait.

6. He wants to build a wall along the border and make the Mex's PAY FOR IT. About damn time. It would be better if he made them pay for the upkeep and costs of their MILLIONS of citizens who are here illegally.

7. We might actually get an audit of the FED. That alone would be worth putting him in office. The FED has been controlling our currency and economy since they were created over 100 years ago without a SINGLE AUDIT OF WHAT THEY"RE DOING. About damn time.

8, He's bombastic, loud, obnoxious and I can't wait to put him in a closed room with world leaders who have been taking BILLIONS of our dollars and treating us like s**t. SERVES THEM RIGHT.

9. He may be a dick, but he's a successful dick in the private sector, not some knee pad wearing establishment b**t boy.

10. White lefties put obama in office to teach us rednecks, conservatives, Christians and gun owners a lesson. I think we should reciprocate and give them Trump.

Item # 1 would save billions of dollars. Item #2 could save the gov't alone 1 trillion dollars a year. Cruz would be fine with me if he gets the nomination, but I want some severe changes in how gov't works, and I want the establishment eliminated.


Wolf's Head said...

Cyclops said...

Trump's " bombastic, loud, obnoxious" persona may appeal to some "rednecks, conservatives, Christians and gun owners", but he will turn off many more Christians, conservatives, Republicans and Independents. Trump and the GOP will go down in flames to Hillary and her liberal allies. Yes, The GOP "establishment" will be defeated this year, but will come back even stronger after the Trump debacle. Trump's brief reign will be a Pyrrhic victory.

The democratic political process does not suffer fools lightly and there will be a heavy price for conservatives to pay. I plan to be around next November to remind those still here what I am telling you in March.

Wolf's Head said...

What has the establishment done for us?

Nixon, resigned in disgrace; Ford, lost to CARTER???; Reagan was a fluke that saved the country, Bush 1 was the intended; Bush 1 lost to CLINTON????; Bush 2 gave us the longest war in US history, increased gov't deficits, medicare gone wild and illegals galore and set everything up for Obama.

The others? Traitor Dole who promised to repeal the Assault Weapon Ban but reneged. McCain, total establishment moron, never cared about the average citizen. Romney, another establishment suit who created the basis for obamacare and got an assault weapon ban in his state.

With candidates like these the GOP establishment has created a culture of elitist losers that voters have demonstrated they don't want.

And all the while I, Guy Fawkes, Roger Young and others had told you all that you were being used, and you still are.

Sarkazein said...

Wolf'sHead- I would hate to see an America that had McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Clinton, Gore, and Obama as the Presidents and no Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush in the fight somewhere. Most of those years were a Democrat controlled Senate where Republican bills went to die. I doubt if their would be Judges who ruled on Heller and Imminent domain. I doubt if most of the 50 states would now have "shall issue".

Wolf's Head said...

It is a mistake to rely on politicians for our freedoms.

Were the repub candidates perfect? No. Were they going to shrink government, expand freedom, reduce taxes? No.

What you have been fighting is a delaying action. We need to fight a winning strategy.

Is Trump it? No, but the enemy of our enemy may buy us time to fight more effectively.

Sarkazein said...

There are Democrats who want to prosecute "global warming deniers". These are the Marxist thugs.

Wolf's Head said...