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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Republican Establishment Ain't As Smart as They Think

Sometime readers ask me why I don’t censor the Left on this blog. I say I want everybody to see how out of touch with reality they are.

Now it’s the Republican establishment who are revealing their mind set. Here is a quote from one of our commenters typifying establishment thinking: "Trump's ‘bombastic, loud, obnoxious’ persona may appeal to some rednecks, conservatives, Christians and gun owners, but he will turn off many more Christians, conservatives, Republicans and Independents. Trump and the GOP will go down in flames to Hillary and her liberal allies."

Face it, the establishment did not have a clue that Trump and we disenchanted were out here, even though their failures created us. What now makes the establishment so sure they know anything? It is a new political world. Gallup says: "42% of the electorate now identify as Independents, and only 29% as Democrats, 26% as Republican.

Exit polls, such as the first in New Hampshire, are interesting. Dissatisfaction With Government Runs Deep: 89 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of Democrats have negative views of the way the federal government is working. Few Name Electability As A Top Concern: Just 12 percent of voters in either party said their main concern was choosing a candidate who could win in November. We Are Polarized: Less than a third of voters in either party described themselves as "moderate."

November is light years away. Changes come at warp speed. The past is no longer prologue. Yet, the establishment is so arrogant they are willing to blow up the party just to prove they are smarter than we.

the rest of us.


Sarkazein said...

But, if they were all for Trump, they'd be extra smart and would not be called "establishment".

Sarkazein said...

"I support Ted Cruz for the president of the United States because I believe everything I've just discussed with you he appreciates, he embraces, he understands and he has fought for throughout his life as well," Levin said. "That is the Constitution, the Republic, individual sovereignty, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, family, faith, a secure border, our national security."- Mark Levin

Sarkazein said...

On the news this morning, I watched Trump himself say Rubio is out of it. When someone on CRUZ's staff said Carson was out of it in Iowa, Trump was indignant about it to the point of animation and called CRUZ a liar. I later heard Rubio say he is still in it to win it and is campaigning in Florida as I write.

Blogger said...

Sark, we all know Cruz can articulate conservative principles with the best of them. But, gives us something from his resume that says he has experience in running a big organization and in getting things done. He is not ready for such a big job.

Sarkazein said...

I have to go with Thomas Sowell on this one. But, my criticism of Trump is not to further my guy, it is about Trump the man and his supporters. HOW is it OK for Trump himself to announce Rubio is out after he was indignant about one of CRUZ's staff's actions in Iowa and called CRUZ or any other candidate a liar? If there is no answer, fine. There should be an answer. This is about Trump's character that will be called upon, not only in life or death situations, but also in US Constitution assaults if he is elected.

Wolf's Head said...

USS Rodger Young said...

I just got done watching Cruz in Missouri. He said just about everything that Guy Faulks, Wolf's Head, Bushrod Gentry (RIP), and Sark have been saying on this blog for a long, long time now. Cruz said:

1. Supreme Court Justices - he will staff with CONSTITUTIONALISTS, period
2. 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct
3. Shutter the IRS
4. Flat tax
5. Freedom - getting government off our backs because we don't need it to be successful
6. Unleash the potential of small businesses unencumbered by regulation (government).

I'm voting for Cruz if he makes it out of the primaries. I might vote for Trump, but Cruz is the man when it comes to standing for the Constitution and freedom.

Too bad the NC State Legislature isn't paying attention to the anger of America. They (the legislature) continues with status quo governance and is in the process of raising taxes on SMALL BUSINESSES!!!! WTF!! How about a thread on that Blogger?

Wolf's Head said...

I only question Cruz because he has been in Washington, and my suspicion of all things DC may color my opinion of him, but he does talk the talk. I do have concerns he may be co opted as so many others have once they got near DC.

And Bushrod Gentry, I miss him greatly, he was a good man and a good friend.

USS Rodger Young said...

Yep, maybe it is better to clear all the clutter out, start over, and then clear it all out again, and start yet again. Keep the politicians in fear of losing their jobs - not Americans in fear of losing theirs.

This ole gal really looked up to Bushrod. He was concerned many years ago about the direction of American. What he predicted has sadly passed into our current reality. Miss him too.

Blogger said...

Can not figure what Kasich thinks. Is he a masochist who wants to see how many people he can get to hate him?

Cyclops said...

Informative essay on "economic nationalism." Good read.

Anonymous said...

"And Bushrod Gentry, I miss him greatly, he was a good man and a good friend."

Bushrod, a man for Brokeback Mountain:

Wolf's Head said...

An example of how clueless the establishment really is.

And why they need to be stopped.