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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump and the Unprotected

  I have been dividing the people into the establishment and the populists–also the insiders and the outsiders, which account for Trump. Now my favorite columnist Peggy Noonan, adds a new dichotomy to explain the rise of the Donald. There are the protected and the unprotected.

The protected make public policy. The unprotected live in it. The protected live in secure worlds. They are the people in government, politics and media. They live in nice safe neighborhoods. Some of them — in Washington and Brussels UN literally have their own security details.

Because they are protected they feel they can do pretty much anything, impose any reality. They’re insulated from many of the effects of their own decisions. It is not only here but in all of Europe.

"This is a terrible feature of our age — that we are governed by protected people who don’t seem to care that much about their unprotected fellow citizens." They know the Republicans won’t help because they are afraid of losing a demographic for a generation. Democrats won’t help because they want to keep the issue alive to establish themselves as owners of the Hispanic vote.

(While we talk, this president is even sneaking in more people who have come to kill us.)

And they all keep us under control with "You are on your own, so get with the program, you little racist."

This is why we now have Trump. We have had enough!

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