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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why Being Intimidated by the Biblically Illiterate is So Dangerous to Christians

As you know, Trump said that Islam hates us. When asked by a reporter why, he responded that the reporter should be figuring that out. This post is to help the Donald out.

The human brain is hardwired to make sense of our world. Many of us use the Bible to do this. But it helps to know what it says. And, because the Bible is a revelation of the supernatural dimension, it requires believing in the supernatural and supernatural forces.

The Bible reveals to us that at a point in history, our God Yahweh, gave up on the human race and divided the world into 70 entities, each with an elohim (spiritual being) to watch over it. Just as He gave us humans free will, he did the same with the elohims. Some enjoyed being gods so much they rebelled against Him and did terrible things. Some of the worse renegades were the gods of the middle east. Some of them even calling themselves THE GOD.

To defeat these elohims, Yahweh took a tribe, the Hebrews, and led them in battle to retake one small territory for Himself. He drove them straight into the elohims’ territory. A big section of the Old Testament becomes the story of the war of the elohims and their followers, against Yahweh and His followers.

The Hebrews were to never, ever worship the other elohims. To do so made them spiritually unclean. But they did and the rest of the Old Testament is about  Israel worshiping the elohims. As a result they were finally scattered over the entire planet.

In 1948, Yahweh  brought them back to His chosen land. The ferocious war took up right where it left off. Only this time Abraham’s offspring includes us Christians.

Most people don’t believe any of this. But I defy you to come up with your explanation. See Michael S. Heiser The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, $12.09 Kindle.


Cyclops said...

It's not compatible with Christian principles to cite Christian doctrine to justify malevolent attitudes toward other religions. Sorry, but that's a bridge too far for me and suggests a degree of extremism and intolerance that will not well serve the conservative cause.

Blogger said...

In the first column of Drudge today a study reveals that iGen generation may be the least spiritual in our history. Then in the third column a study reports that iGen generation is way out there as the most anxious in history.