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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reasons Christians Give For Saying Trump is the One

   Charisma Magazine  Rev. Rick Joyner whose ministry I partner with, recorded the reasons Christians give him for their supporting Trump.  He can include me on all of them.

FACTOR #1: Many no longer trust politicians who claim to be Christians and/or conservatives. These seem to inevitably change when they get to Washington and fail to keep their promises.
FACTOR #2: There has been such a vacuum of courage in leadership that it is now esteemed above other virtues.
FACTOR #3: Fewer Christians are choosing a candidate based on the candidate’s faith. Rather they decide based on who they think will do the best job confronting the important issues of the time.
FACTOR #4: The two main issues in this election are security and the economy. Trump is seen as the strongest in both issues.
FACTOR #5: Trump’s lack of political correctness (PC) and willingness to say what he thinks has many believing he will resist political pressure and do what is right for the country, instead of for special interests.
FACTOR #6: Christians are increasingly disgusted with the Republican establishment and Trump is seen as the "wrecking ball" needed to pry the government out of the hands of the political elite.
FACTOR #7: They think that they have heard from God about Trump.


Sarkazein said...

That explains the hair halo.

Sarkazein said...

The two top candidates, Hillary and Trump, are the bottom two on the "honesty/trustworthiness" polls. The candidate with the least votes is at the top of the poll. This is one weird election cycle.

Cyclops said...

From The

"Donald Trump's controversial attacks on Heidi Cruz are spotlighting what could be one of his biggest vulnerabilities in the general election: his poll numbers with women.

The GOP front-runner has faced accusations of sexism throughout the presidential race, with members of both parties denouncing remarks he has made about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Surveys suggest the controversies have taken a toll.

A new CNN poll released Thursday, taken before the spat with rival Ted Cruz over his wife, found that 73 percent of registered female voters in the United States had an unfavorable view of Trump. That’s in line with a Reuters poll from last week that found more than half of American women hold a “very unfavorable” view of the billionaire.

“That gives him a huge number of voters he has to make up from somewhere,” said American University political science professor Karen O’Connor. “And I don’t know where they will come from.”

Opposition to Trump among women also extends to the GOP. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 47 percent of Republican women could not see themselves supporting Trump, a number significantly higher than for any other GOP candidate."

He's a sure loser November, folks. He needs to be defeated now so he doesn't do irreparable harm to the conservative movement for generations to come.

Johnny Rico said...

Cyclips said:

"He's a sure loser November, folks. He needs to be defeated now so he doesn't do irreparable harm to the conservative movement for generations to come"

Funny how you didn't say this very thing about John McCain or Mitt Romney. They were sure losers, as I told you time and again, yet all I could hear from establishment dolts is "hold your nose and go ahead and support the Republican candidate." You don't extend that courtesy to Trump supporters. Hypocrisy.

The irreparable damage you speak of was done long ago my friend. Again, I told establishment RINOs this very thing for the past decade. Not a peep about the establishment abandoning Sharon Angle and Ken Cuccinnelli. You didn't want to touch this in another post, but some RINOs crossed party lines in Nevada and supported HARRY REID over Sharon Angle!!! Did that not also do "irreparable" damage? The fact establishment liberal RINOs still don't see the light is disturbing. Millions of Americans are downright pissed off at the status quo, big government loving Republicans who are little different than Democrats. RINOs somehow thought the Tea Party was some passing fad engineered by a few disgruntled conservatives. How WRONG you were not to see it for what it was.

I'll tell you what's done "irreparable damage". The NC Legislature. Those commie idiots just raised taxes; turned against gun owners by supporting elected politicians (County Sheriffs) during the concealed carry fiasco; and have done NOTHING to increase my freedom and liberty from oppressive government. They are NO different than what they replaced. Heck, they're worse. And you expect the proletariat to support a Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or whatever bobble headed yes man the establishment wants? You're insane and stupid. There is not a chance in hell an establishment could win the race - already proven (Twice). Trump won't win it either, nor will any Rethuglican. Too many illegal aliens and others on the government tit to allow that to happen. And the ironic part of all this - REPUBLICANS did NOTHING to deport illegal aliens under RINO DOLT George Bush. You idiots had the Presidency and Senate and DID NOTHING except increase government. Not a chance I want one of you back in office.

Lastly, the Democrats told you what they were going to do, did it, and sneered in your face. Republicans, who hold the purse strings (House of Representatives), buckled time and again over the past 4 years. They've done NOTHING except look like a bunch of buffoons. No, that gives buffoons a bad name. Hussein obummer didn't hide anything he did - he marched forth and did it. Paul Ryan didn't extend that same courtesy a few months ago when he caved to Democrats and raised the debt ceiling once again. Funny how he never said he was going to do that. He did exactly the opposite of what I elected him to do. Marco Rubio is another idiot. The Tea Party put the pansy commie in office only to have him support amnesty for criminals (illegal aliens). And you wonder why and establishment dolt isn't at the head of the Republican Primary. You probably need to be examined.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Wolf's Head said...

Happy Easter.

Johnny Rico said...

Jesus has risen

Florida Conservative said...

Pretty much in agreement with Rick. It's just too bad that Kasich is screwing up this election cycle. Best plan would be for Donald to broker his own convention by offering Kasich the VP or any cabinet seat he wants for his endorsement. Yes, Kasich should broker that deal and drop out, giving his delegates to Donald. That is the only way this can work. 1,237 here we come!